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5 Ways To Get Turkish Citizenship

Scanning The Internet, Searching For Property?

For example, some countries may not honor your citizenship if they don’t believe it’s legitimate. There are other variables to consider in selecting Turkish work permit what passport program to go for. They can structure a manufacturing business in southeast Asia and visit as often as they’d like.

turkish citizenship by investment

This is because there is a huge markup added to the cost by the developer, which has to be passed on to the buyer. However, as long as the main applicant gets a Turkish citizenship, the main applicant parents can apply for a normal residency permit. Generally speaking, there are 6 options to become a Turkish citizen by investment, however, I want to mention the three well-known options. For the rest of options for Turkish citizenship by investment please click the link. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship takes about 2-6 months upon purchase of an immovable property in the value of at least USD 250,000.

Application Process

Paraguay Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Paraguay. Peru Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Peru and may spend up to 6 months in Peru. Uruguay Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Uruguay. Venezuela Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Venezuela.

The amounts of these expenses can vary depending on the document type and the servicing professional/ organization. Apply to the Ministry of Labor and Social Infrastructure for a conformity certificate. The Ministry officers will inform you about the documents that you have to bring in order to obtain the certificate.

Capital Transfer From $500,000

Applicant’s spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted Turkish Citizenship. You can be a Turkish citizen with the condition that you can take back all investments along with legal revenues 3 years later. The Property purchase price must be paid to the seller via bank transfer to be supported by bank receipts that prove the transaction is made from the buyer’s account Turkish resident permit to the seller’s account. Applicants are required to keep the purchased property for at least 3 years. This commitment must be registered as an annotation on the Title Deed and/or on the Notarized Sales Contract. However, if you like to come and get it done in Istanbul one of our English-speaking Turkish lawyers will help the you to get fingerprints and apply for Turkish ID card and passport.

Immigration experts note that many affluent citizens take this very path to attain their goal of relocating to London. To pursue a profession that provides a suitable source of income, while holding a work permit from a licensed Turkish company, throughout his stay in Turkey. Rental income from acquired property / Interest income from government shares. • Entire family is eligible including spouses, children under 18 years old and disabled children of any age.

You can get more details on Antigua and Barbuda’s official citizenship by investment website. Then there’s the business investment option, which requires $1.5M before fees (or $400,000 per person if the investment is made as a group). Real estate requires a $300,000 minimum investment and is limited to high-end branded hotels and resorts and high-end boutique properties. Instead of a donation, you can also choose to invest either in real estate or government bonds. But with citizenship by investment programs, passing down your citizenship is not automatic. Keep in mind, however, that on top of the donation/investment amount and the government fees, you’ll have to pay a commission to an agent who will lodge your citizenship application with the government.

In this matter of citizenship by investment, the registry dealing with Title deeds has to notify the Turkish state that- the bought home or property will not be resold in the next 36 months from the time of purchase. After these months are over, an investor can proceed to resell his project and can now retain your citizenship right. As an investor who is ready to obtain citizenship by investment, bear in mind that you can’t open a bank account with any of the financial institutions in Turkish land without the Taxation number and a valid passport. You do not necessarily require passports or colored photos since most banks will take care of that. Also bear in mind about your address and therefore you may be required to produce a proof of the same.

Choosing The Right Property

It is now possible to obtain a Turkish identity and passports through the Turkish embassy in the country of the investor. As a result, developers are selling units and houses in Turkey at inflated prices to be able to pay these foreign agents their required commissions. What is even more worrying is that some of these units/houses are bank-owned properties as the developers have been unable to repay their loans.

turkish citizenship by investment

After that point, by tracking the transactions from Citizenship Information Offices? In May 2017, the Turkish government introduced the Citizenship by Investment Program , under which applicants were required to Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD invest 1 million dollars to obtain a Turkish passport. As one might suppose, not many people found this program attractive and the Turkish market did not experience the expected increase of foreign capital.

This is where working with a professional agency could really benefit you, since we know and work with a lot of experts and we can assist with property valuation in case any problems arise. Of course, I don’t even need to say that these types of purchases must be made and checked thoroughly, because even the smallest mistake can cost you a chance of being granted Turkish citizenship in the future. Portugal and Greece offer Residency programs for similar capital costs. Our Solution Advisers advice, collect and prepare required documentation and application.

Travel to over 120 countries visa-free including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and more under the protection of Turkish Consular System which is more spread world-wide than Germany. FO Consultancy is a consulting firm specialized in foreigners’ law of Turkey. Company formation for foreigners, Turkish Citizenship by Investment and Trademark Registration in Turkey are our major services. According to the law, only one person and his or her first degree relatives may take citizenship.

Grenada citizenship is popular among investors due to the visa free access to China and their E-2 investor visa treaty with the USA. It is also possible to obtain a Turkish passport by either depositing US $500,000 at a Turkish bank for three years or purchase government bonds to the same value and keep them for three years. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, you can also invest US $500,000 in fixed assets. The Republic of Turkey does not make any distinction of nationality in the Turkish Citizenship application. Each country’s citizens can apply for Turkish passport with the real estate they bought from Turkey. There is no need to stay in Turkey for 3 months for the application process.After the power of attorney you gave to Rodi Investment, you can return to the country you want and follow your application process remotely.

turkish citizenship by investment

If you choose to get other passports, the programme lets you multiple passport option in addition to Turkish citizenship. Carry out the necessary investment transactions such as property title deed transfer, cash deposit, government bond/share purchase etc. Thousands of hundreds properties are sold out to foreign investors and market keeps its expansion towards up constantly. To push a little high and expands the market share, Turkish government decides to arrange some laws under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It’s essential to deposit such amount to banks that operate in Turkey. Therefore, it is not possible to assume an amount as convenient for the Turkish citizenship application which is deposited to a bank in abroad even if it is a branch office or association of Turkish Bank.

TURKISH CITIZENSHIP BY 50 JOBS CREATIONDetermined byTurkey Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Service to have created jobs for min 50 people. According to the new regulations, the fixed capital amount projected to qualify for Turkish citizenship has been reduced from $ 2 millionto $ 500,000. Istanbul Homes assist its customers also in receiving their Turkish passports. Tax law states the following to be subject to Turkey Corporate Income tax; the worldwide income of resident entities and Income from activities in Turkey of non-resident companies. Other options available are the Collective Company or Commandite Company, which do not require minimum capital, or the establishment of a branch, which is the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to incorporate.

turkish citizenship by investment

Turkey has maintained forces in international missions under the United Nations and NATO since the Korean War, including peacekeeping missions in Somalia, Yugoslavia and the Horn of Africa. Turkish Armed Forces contribute military personnel to the International Security Assistance Force, Kosovo Force, Eurocorps and EU Battlegroups. Turkey maintains a force of 36,000 troops in Northern Cyprus since 1974.

turkish citizenship by investment

However, following the rapprochement with Russia in 2016, Turkey revised its stance regarding the solution of the conflict in Syria. In January 2018, the Turkish military and the Turkish-backed forces, including the Free Syrian Army and Ahrar al-Sham, began an intervention in Syria aimed at ousting U.S.-backed YPG from the enclave of Afrin. In 2020, Turkey openly intervened in Libya at the request of the GNA. There is a dispute over Turkish resident permit Turkey’s maritime boundaries with Greece and Cyprus and drilling rights in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey recognizes and supports the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord in Libya, which has been torn by a civil war since 2014. Supporters of Atatürk’s reforms are called Kemalists, as distinguished from Islamists, representing the two diverging views regarding the role of religion in legislation, education and public life.

  • Depending on the individual needs of a person such as security, freedom, economic stability, mobility or health care, several countries offer the opportunity of application for a citizenship by a significant investment.
  • Work permit term extension application letter (The letter must be scanned and submitted as part of the online application; it must also be submitted in hardcopy, signed by the employer).
  • With property investments priced from only $250,000, the Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program offers excellent value for money, a simple application process, and a powerful passport.
  • Those who own a company in Turkey and wish to obtain Turkish citizenship can employ at least 50 Turkish workers, and the number was previously 100 Turkish workers, but it has been reduced according to the new laws.

Some religious and secular officials have claimed that atheism and deism are growing among Turkish people. As of 2014, the country has a roadway network of 65,623 kilometres . Turkish State Railways started building high-speed rail lines in 2003. The Ankara-Konya line became operational in 2011, while the Ankara-Istanbul line entered service in 2014. On 20 May 2016, the Turkish parliament stripped almost a quarter of its members of immunity from prosecution, including 101 deputies from the pro-Kurdish HDP and the main opposition CHP party.

It is important for your application process that you should hand over your report in 3 months starting from the application date. The report that you have provided is going to be valid until the finalization of your citizenship application process. For other types of citizenship applications, you need to apply via the local governorship office where you live in Turkey or via a consulate if you are living abroad. The documents required, and types of application will vary depending on your circumstances.

The resulting amount must be a minimum of 500,000 USD or its equivalent in a different currency or Turkish Lira. Fixed capital investment should include investment elements such as buildings, land, equipment and machinery for service and goods production. Purchasing real estate alone does not entitle citizenship applications in this context, but expenditures for real estate purchases are considered as part of the investment. Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of citizenship program in Turkey.

turkish citizenship by investment

Second option is depositing by minimum amount of 500,000 USD in any Turkish bank account and hold it for 3 years. For more detailed information about conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, please contact our law firm. We will connect you directly with our cooperation partner in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Then, you also have the advantage of Turkey’s passport- securing you a future and traveling rights.

turkish citizenship by investment

Foreigners must buy real estate worth at least USD 250,000 for this purpose. Approval of a Turkish citizenship application normally takes about 4 months and all dependant children may also be included in an application who are under the age of 18 years at the time of filing an application. MAXIMOS real estate – agency, offers premium, modern property in Turkey for sale, since year 2005. We offer a wide range of real estate in ISTANBUL, ANTALYA CITY, ALANYA, BODRUM and other cities in Turkey. The company’s primary business is the own development and sale of right selected real estate projects, as well as other construction projects.

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