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Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program 2021

Real Estate In Turkey

Accordingly, have you ever wondered how some people become a world citizen and set roots in multiple countries? Even did you think that dual citizenship or multiple citizenships were exclusive to a limited group of people? In our post, you will find how to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. It will be possible to obtain Turkish Citizenship if an investment is made in a Turkish real estate investment trust or shares of a venture capital investment fund for a minimum value of USD 500k.

turkish citizenship by investment

Receipts must also be presented in the seller’s account, stamped by the receiving bank. Receipts of payment should be presented from the buyer’s account, sealed by the sending bank. Keeping the property for 3 years, with a pledge not to sell it before the expiration of this period. We helped many of our clients with that and as a result, they were able to receive their Turkish citizenship. Their property valuation must confirm that the property you are wanting to buy is worth at least 250,000 dollars.

The Investment Choice

For full coverage of everything you need to know about citizenship by investment, continue reading our full article. Furthermore, in October 2017, Vanuatu made headlines when they were the first citizenship by investment country to accept payment in cryptocurrency. Instead, it takes advantage of Article 10 of the Austrian Citizenship Act, which states that the government can reward foreign persons with citizenship in the event of extraordinary merit. You’ll then need to invest an additional 1,000,000 Bulgarian lev into government bonds or into a Bulgarian company that’s carrying out a priority investment project, as defined in Bulgaria’s Investment Promotion Act.

turkish citizenship by investment

The application process usually takes just three to four months and it does not require that you learn any Turkish or go to a formal interview of any kind. Take our advice – Invest in real estate to get your Turkish passport. And we’re not just saying that because it’s the lowest amount of money that it takes to participate in Turkey’s CBI program. It’s hard to pin down exactly what your total investment would be, but we would only recommend this option for people who are set on running a legitimate business in Turkey for the long-term. You’ll probably need some legal guidance and advice on navigating the world of business in Turkey. Plus, setting up a company, running a payroll and all that comes with its own costs.

Turkish Properties Market

While Cyprus’ investment citizenship program has been suspended, its residency by investment program, or “Golden Visa”, remains intact. Malta was home to the first European Union-approved citizenship by investment program. Besides the Schengen area, the UK, and Brazil, it allows its citizens visa-free access to China, making it the only Caribbean country to do so. Although Grenada’s citizenship by investment program only started in 2013, it has quickly established itself as a serious player in the field. Also, if a large part of your income comes from investments, you should also consider citizenship by investment, as the FEIE does not apply to investment income.

If you do not already have a bank account in Turkey, you should strictly open one. Yes, the price evaluation of your property at the time of your purchase will be calculated according to the current exchange rate. All the fluctuations in the exchange rates before or after your purchase will be irrelevant and invalid. The Turkish government requires to know the official confirmation of property value evaluation. Property should be evaluated by officially authorized value experts and “Real Estate Evaluation Report” is needed to be taken. This report should be certified and officially recognized by the Turkish Government’s related institutions.

Lawyer Services

Moreover, we offer these services free of charge for a certain period of time according to your investment amount. Turkey has signed double taxation with most nations in the developed world. If you have already paid the relevant taxes on income earned outside of Turkey, then you are unlikely to be taxed again by the Turkish government, even if it was earned in a country that has not signed a double taxation treaty with Turkey. If you have more queries relating to the Turkish tax structure, then we advise you to speak to a Turkish tax specialist. The time frame for completing the project shall be determined by the relevant ministry.

turkish citizenship by investment

After the application to The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, real estate appraisers check if the purchased property is worth $250,000 or not. After selecting and completing your preferred investment option, we will arrange for you to grant power of attorney to our lawyers so that we can start the application for your Turkish citizenship. Many countries around the world have incentives in place to attract foreign investment from non-nationals in their economy.

My enquiry relates to Immigration By Investment programs from $100,000 investment. Our consultants will guide you with next steps regarding immigration law and compliance with Turkish Citizenship. For any more information and eligable property offers please get in touch with Maximos Real Estate Turkey. Get your marriage certificate work permit turkey ready or a demise certificate if your partner died or even divorce papers. Each of these documents should bear a stamp and other forms of authentication from the same ministry as in number one. To be able to apply for this program, you should be at least 18 years of age, in good health, and without a criminal record.

In this step, the investor also makes a transaction of the decided amount into a seller account and we help in getting tax numbers. Our advisers provide a one-stop solution and hassle-free service to investors seeking to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment from the purchasing stage to getting a Turkish passport. We guide you through every step of the Turkish citizenship acquisition procedure with due diligence and care, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and followed up to application approval.

Right To Acquire Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Purchase

We provide clear advice on the procedures and keep informed our clients of the of the process regularly on a daily basis from Day1, up until the Turkish citizenship is fully obtained. A valid investor residence permit is required during your citizenship application process. The title deed of the property purchased in order to acquiring Turkish Citizenship shall be annotated at the title deed office that it will not be sold for the next 3 years.

The issue was corrected when the new regulation concerning the Acquisition of Real Estate and Limited Rights in Rem by Companies with Foreign Capital was put into effect in October 2010. The new regulation reduced limitations on foreign investment in real estate and caused the investor appetite to come back. This was supported by further legislation improvements over time, increasing investor confidence in Turkey.

Property For Citizenship By Investment In Turkey

5 – A bank account must be opened in Turkey before submitting an application for . When you obtain Turkish citizenship by investment, you will automatically obtain health insurance like the rest of the Turkish citizens. Firstly, investors can obtain the citizenship without ever residing in Turkey and within a period of approximately 6 months from submission of the citizenship application. Citizenship by Investment programs have been witnessing some major changes and one of them is the introduction of the new Turkish citizenship program which was published on the Official Gazette and entered into force in September 2018. The new law requires a minimum Real Estate investment of USD 250,000 and the citizenship could be obtained in approximately 6 months. From visa-free access to over 100 destinations worldwide to no residency, interview, or language requirements, obtaining a Turkish passport by investment is surprisingly straightforward.

The traditional government bond option requires investors to keep bonds for at least five years. These bonds don’t pay any interest and are expensive – $500,000 for a family of four (and $567,000 in all-in costs). Immigration officers are not immune to racism, and some may not trust your travel document work permit turkey if you personally look nothing like the people from your adopted country of citizenship. For those who intend to keep their original citizenship , this second factor is the one to consider. When combining your two passports, you could unlock many more opportunities for business, work and travel.

If it is determined by the CRA that the foreign person applying for citizenship meets the minimum amount and scope sought, this situation is notified to the CMB within 3 business days. The amount to be deposited in the bank can be converted to another convertible exchange rate equivalent to 500,000 USD or TL within 3 years at the request of the investor. However, it is also possible to convert it into another investment type regulated in other provisions of the regulation. However, in case of conversion to another type of investment, it must be fulfilled in a way that does not hinder the continuation and provision of the 3 year period. The other type of investment must be notified to the ministry by the relevant institution without causing any interruption.

turkish citizenship by investment

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