Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment 2019



Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

Getting A Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkish Citizenship Program is one of the most popular citizenship by investment programs and has a straightforward application process. To make our client application process easier and faster, Mann’s Solutions team has prepared a list of required documents for the citizenship application. Even before than changes, it was already not permitted to buy a real estate from a foreigner. The foreign investors who make investment for the purpose of acquiring the Turkish citizenship had to buy real estate from Turkish persons and this rule still applies. But now there is an additional rule stating that it will also not be permitted to buy a real estate from the spouse and children of a foreigner. As per the literal meaning of this new rule, it will not be possible for a Turkish person who is married to a foreigner to sell his/her real estate to a foreign investor who seeks the Turkish citizenship.

Needless to say that, we arrange all the paperwork required for the title deed transfer to facilitate the whole process for the client. The duration of the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship varies according to the investment program. The title deed of the property purchased for real estate investment is only approved by the Land Registry Offices. If turkish citizenship you want to benefit from the real estate investment program, we will also offer expert consultancy services. Foreigners who want to get Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport apply with various investment methods. Also, the conditions to meet, what to do and the required documents for Citizenship in Turkey, vary according to the type of program.

Turkish Citizenship Fees For Each Family Member Applying For Turkish Citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda is known for the ease of access due to their international airport that serves as a terminal hub linking to other countries. Applying for and securing Turkish citizenship is straightforward and quick. Turkish citizens also have life-long access to free medical care and free social service on retirement, as well as free education for their offspring in Turkey.

turkish citizenship by investment

New and flexible requirements for foreigners to get Turkish citizenship entered into force in the Turkish Parliament. The conditions for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship were changed according to the agreement published in 2018 in the Official Turkish Gazette. Trabzon Homes is ready to help you throughout the all citizenship process in Turkey with professional service. Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program was firstly launched in early 2017 to attract foreign investors to boost the country’s economy in the real estate sector.

The Documents Required For Turkish Citizenship From The Property Owners Spouse & Children Under The Age Of 18

One of my favourites is that owning a property in Turkey for foreigners is subject to the exact same laws and regulations as given to locals. This makes the process so straight forward & easy that it can be completed within a matter of days and not weeks or months. Turkey also offers a reliable resident permit turkey investment environment and guarantees your rights acquired by owning a property by law. A valid real estate evaluation report, bearing in mind that the validity period of the real estate appraisal reports is 3 months, with a value not exceeding the value recorded in the title deed.

The citizenship process is easy and simple and our experienced company lawyer will help you all the way. Get great returns on your investment by investing in Istanbul, the city of two continents! Being a Turkish citizen will give you permanent advantages in accessing Europe and North America. According to the law, you can start residing in Turkey as soon as you get the property deed and apply for your resident permit. You can give the property for rent because getting Turkish citizenship does not require you to stay in Turkey for the process.

Citizenship Investment In Turkey

For more information about the process, send your contact information with the form. After that, you can get further info from our expert sales consultants. Depending on the investment program you choose, the process and conditions vary as well.

Considering the projects’ facilities and location advantages, if the price difference is around +/- %10 – %15 with other projects in the same area, you can be sure that the price you have given is worthy. When you buy apartment in Istanbul, first thing you need to consider is location. Always, real estate projects with better locations have more potential for price appreciation.

Choose The Best Property Option

The most inexpensive of them and, therefore, the most popular one is purchasing a piece of real property in Turkey that is worth at least US$ 250,000. The property has to remain in the investor’s possession for three years and after this period expires, the property can be resold while the Turkish citizen’s status Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD will be retained. We will manage everything for you, buying, renting, reselling your properties, we provide all real estates services in more than 20 tourist and trading regions in Turkey for all seekers around the globe. A fixed capital investment of at least $ 500,000.00 approved by the Ministry of Economy.

On the flip side, political turmoil made the Turkish Lira drop significantly in value against the dollar over the past few years, meaning that the $250,000 you’re required to invest will go a lot further now. In 2018, after lack of any substantial interest, Turkey cut the investment minimum from $1,000,000 to just $250,000. As of now, Montenegro offers a decent passport a steep price (cheaper than Malta’s, but more expensive than those in the Caribbean, which offer similar – or better – passports). In that case, you’ll pay roughly $330,000 to receive $1.1M from the bank – in which case your investment will turn into a one-time $330,000 donation. Interestingly, Bulgaria allows applicants to finance their investment amount through a loan from a European bank.

Real Estate Investment

Ultimately, a second passport is all about options – the more options you have for you and your family, the more freedom you will experience. With a second citizenship and passport, you are no longer beholden to one nation. But others are good for visa-free travel to over 150 countries and include nearly all of the developed nations, ranking these among the highest quality passports in the world. Some countries offer passports that allow visa-free travel to a few dozen countries, which excludes North America, Europe, Australia, etc. Meeting these conditions does not give a foreign national an absolute right to Turkish citizenship. The Iranian investor’s identity register copy obtained from his/her country of citizenship with an apostille approval or certified by the Turkish Consulate and a notarized Turkish translation of this example.

turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Documents can vary depending on the applicant’s situation. The Turkish citizenship documents listed below are the main documents. Certified translator, notary and Turkish Citizenship by Investment lawyer procedures needed in this process are provided by Rodi Investment. Preliminary contracts for your real estate purchase are not valid for the transfer of real estate.

Once the first appointment is made, it is expected to take about 2 months for the process of the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship to be concluded. Extra Property’s team will be happy to answer and assist you in all necessary procedures before, during, and after purchasing real estate in Turkey with all reliability and safety. The identity documents of the owner of the company, his wife and children under the age of 18 years, translated and certified by Notre. The personal documents of the applicant for naturalization, his wife and children under the age of 18, translated to the Turkish language. It can be obtained through one of the real estate appraisal institutions approved by the Turkish government. 5- Conditions of obtaining Turkish citizenship by depositing money into a Turkish bank.

turkish citizenship by investment

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