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Usually the application for certificate of conformity is completed after about 2 months, maximum 3 months. The Turkish Government will examine the file of each individual foreign investor and based on their research they will finalize the application. The valuation report must show that the property is worth more than 250,000 USD. In order to obtain the title deed, foreigners must have a Turkish tax number which can easily be obtained from the Turkish tax offices. Open a bank account in a Turkish bank, and provide an account statement for the amount of the conditional deposit of $ 500,000 or more. It is also possible to submit the title deed of a real estate that is still under construction.

turkish citizenship by investment

We believe anyone who is interested in Turkish citizenship by investment would like to have us on board. Turkish citizens have access to a business visa to the UK, which was agreement decades ago under an EU agreement known as the Ankara agreement. This means Turkish citizens can apply for a UK business visa, provided they can prove that they have the funds to set up a business in the UK. As a UK based company, Pera Property can provide detailed advice on this process.

No Annual Or Minimum Residency

Real estate investment is the most cost-effective and future oriented solution, but for some investors the purchase of a property located in another country is too much of a burden involving maintenance, property taxes, management, etc. Once all the documentation requirements are duly met and investment made, it takes anywhere around 3 to 6 months to gain Turkish Citizenship and Passport for the applicant and family. The staggering reduction in real estate prices have made it a great opportunity for talented investors to purchase real estate in the country. You cannot exceed the total 30 hectares of your real estate purchase in any different city of Turkey as the purchase cannot be obtained more than 10% ownership of the face measure of the foreign private property worldwide. Turkish Government is eager to reduce time, therefore after your purchase application is filed it only takes 3 to 6 months to get your citizenship. If you are married, your spouse can get citizenship as well, added to your dependents if you have any.

Turkey is among the world’s developed countries according to the CIA World Factbook. Turkey is also defined by economists and political scientists as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries. The country has excellent educational along with world class medical facilities to offer. The applicant investors also get to own a renewable passport for life, along with a government authorized identity card and can also take advantage of the countries pension plans and many other befits as Turkish Citizens. Ocakli Law Firm is a business law firm with significant experience in citizenship by investment. Once you decide to proceed with Turkish citizenship by investment, you can obtain other groups of services from our law firm.

The Residences At Seafire N1002

The required documents can be changeable according to the option that you choose. When you complete all the steps perfectly and complete the required documents for the citizenship application, you will be able to have Turkish citizenship. The process takes between 3 and 6 months to get the approval for Turkish citizenship. Not to mention the tax exemptions granted by the Turkish government to the foreign investor when buying a property in Turkey for the first time, and all this culminated in the recent issuance of the new Turkish citizenship law. Turkey welcomes foreign investors to apply for citizenship by investment program.

turkish citizenship by investment

Indeed, Turkey has one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe and thus offers great opportunities for real estate developers and investors. Urban renewal and megaprojects dominate the agenda for the foreseeable future, especially in Istanbul. Key city projects include, but are not limited to, Marmaray, Istanbul Canal, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel and Istanbul 3rd Airport. Acquire property to the value of no less than $250,000, with the valuation recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. The property investment is to be maintained for a minimum of no less than 3 years, i.e. there is a title deed restriction on resale for a minimum of 3 years. Benefit from the triple benefit of accelerating your world mobility, enterprise and tax exemptions, and connectivity with key markets proudly owning property here.


The exchange rate applied must be the one set by the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of the transaction. A foreigner who invests in Treasury bonds or any type of government loan instrument with a value of $ 500,000.00 and maintains it for a period of three years, under the supervision of the Under Secretary of the Treasury. A foreigner holds a bank deposit of at least $ 500,000.00 for a period of three years, under the supervision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency . A sale promise contract to be held at the notary public will only be possible for condominiums or Real Estates where a floor easement has been established.

The program is redesigned to tackle the oversupply of the property development market and promote real estate in the country while providing Investors from the Gulf nation with ample freedom of movement and business expansion opportunities. The Turkey Citizenship by Investment program or the Turkish Citizenship Code , with various options, attract individual entrepreneurs and families to settle and establish their businesses in the country. We offer advisory services for Turkish citizenship application, buying property, making investment and passport application. Applications for obtaining residency should be made before the tourist visa expires. The advantage of applying for citizenship by investment with Istanbul Homes is the most reliable, inexpensive, and easy way. You should consider all the possibilities and work with a reliable company.

Visas can be obtained at the Cambodia International Airport in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airport or online. Indonesia Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Indonesia. Iran Turkish citizens do not require a Visa for Iran and are permitted to stay for up to 3 months. Japan Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Japan.

turkish citizenship by investment

Its passport offers visa-free access to just 50 countries – excluding all the major developed nations. At $1,979 per visa-free country, Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is the best value real estate option out there today. And since it’s possible to generate rental income, we also reviewed each country’s real estate investment option and, again, divided this cost by the number of visa-free countries its passport allows. Recently, a number of countries have slashed their minimum investment amount. You can purchase real estate for less than before and still be eligible for citizenship by investment, making this a more attractive option . Instant citizenship is possible when you invest in a government fund, local real estate property, an approved business, or in government bonds.

Firstly, there are some vital points you should consider to acquiring Turkish Citizenship program. Secondly, knowing the process as well as the steps you need to take will provide control if you want to get a strong passport. Turquoise Card applications in Turkey are made directly through an electronic system called the Foreigners Application, Evaluation and Monitoring System. The applications abroad Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD must be made to Turkey’s embassies and consulates in the foreigner’s country of citizenship or legal residence. The Instruction foresees that exclusive/joint offices shall be established in Ankara and Istanbul. Officers of General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship, General Directorate of Migration Management and Determination Institutions shall provide the services in conjunction.

We will help you in completing your profile submitting your application; prepare all your important documents and following up on it. Whether you are looking for apartments, houses or villas in Turkey; Turkey has a huge selection of new properties to offer you. Free medical services, education & university reimbursement plans, pension programs. Minimum investment of only $250,000 with an investment period of just 3 years. Turkey also grants you dual citizenship and a high standard of living.

The application process of “sensitive” with the reason that they must cooperate with a local expert and trusted advisor of foreigners. Residential real estate is a type of property, containing either a single family or multifamily structure, that is available for occupation for non-business purposes. When all application reports are readied , the venture will be finished, and therefore the records submitted to the general public authority.

  • You can keep multiple citizenships along with your Turkish Citizenship.
  • We charge our service fee with a legal invoice afterward from your side.
  • This requires a property purchase of a minimum of $250,000 + fees, making Turkey one of the lowest cost citizenship by investment programs on the market.
  • The application process for residency is expected to take about two months.

Documents prepared in the applicant’s country of birth/domicile need to be approved either by Turkish consulate or authenticated with apostille by the competent local authority if such country is a party to Apostille convention. Although the monetary thresholds are specified in USD denomination, investors are free to use Turkish Liras or other foreign currencies in their investments so long as the USD equivalent of investment value meets the respective threshold condition. The effective selling rate and/or cross rates announced by the Central Bank of Turkey on the date the investment has been made are taken into consideration for determination of the value of investment in US dollar terms. With the recent additional relaxation in law, the total period to obtain full Turkish Citizenships for all family members have been reduced to as low as 60 days only in 2019. 6- The real estate appraisal document for the property that has been purchased, and this is valid for 3 months after its extraction.

The Turkish government allows dual-citizenship, which means applicants may retain their original nationality. Upon approval, the Turkish government will issue your residency permit. This step also starts the final stage of your Turkish citizenship application procedure. Once all remaining forms have been completed your citizenship turkish citizenship by investment application will be submitted to the Turkish government for final processing. Turkey citizenship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean criminal record. The main applicant may also add dependents to a citizenship application, including his/her spouse, minor children, and adult children who are unmarried.

turkish citizenship by investment

Turkey is a newly industrialized country, with an upper-middle income economy, which is the twentieth-largest in the world by nominal GDP, and the eleventh-largest by PPP. According to World Bank estimates, Turkey’s GDP per capita by PPP is $32,278 in 2021, and approximately 11.7% of Turks are at risk of poverty or social exclusion as of 2019. Unemployment in Turkey was 13.6% in 2019, and the middle class population in Turkey rose from 18% to 41% of the population between 1993 and 2010 according to the World Bank. As of January 2021, foreign reserves in Turkey are worth $51 billion. The EU–Turkey Customs Union in 1995 led to an extensive liberalisation of tariff rates, and forms one of the most important pillars of Turkey’s foreign trade policy.

turkish citizenship by investment

Prior to the purchase, the property must be examined, which is done by specially licensed firms. It can either be a residential property, as in apartments or villas, commercial property or just land. You can also work up to that sum of 250,000 dollars in parts, meaning that this law allows you to purchase multiple properties in different parts of Turkey if you wish.

Foreign citizens can buy real estate such as housing, workplace, land, field in Turkey, provided that they comply with the limitations specified in the law. Foreign investors who buy 299,000 USD worth of real estate and commit not to sell it for three years will be eligible for Turkish citizenship. This real estate acquisition may be limited to a single property or include multiple properties. Turkey is considered a very safe country to live and work, and a very low cost country.

turkish citizenship by investment

Besides, for CBI, old property after renovation will cost above $ for CBI. Personally, I believe there are pockets of fantastic value to be found in secondary market real estate in central Istanbul. Real estate a few streets down from prime areas can be had for about $1000 per m2, which is a steal. If you buy such units, and get them renovated, you can get gross yields of 5%-6%. The rise in the price of commercial real estate is inevitable, especially if it is leased to international brands.

turkish citizenship by investment

Although it had been possible to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment before 2016, there were no certain criteria for those who were planning to invest in Turkey. In addition to that, a new practice named Turquoise Card has been introduced, which provides foreigners the opportunity to obtain work and residence permits for an indefinite period of time. These regulations explained below could be regarded as a means to attract foreign investors and skilled foreign labor to Turkey. A large number of information and documents must be prepared in full when applying for a certificate of conformity, a short-term residence permit and citizenship.

turkish citizenship by investment

At this point, Turkey Homes Expert guide its customers all through the citizenship process. The Turkish passport allows visa free travel to 111 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other major countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Very recently Turkey lowered the investment amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship from USD 1.0 million to USD 250,000 for applicants who purchase a local property or properties. This real estate investment may be made into residential property, commercial property, or undeveloped land. The property/ies must be held for a minimum duration of three years.

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