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Syrian children living in Turkey experienced issues with their registration documents, such as registering in a province other than the one in which they resided. School administrators can enroll children without proper registration documents, but their performance cannot be recorded and they cannot receive school completion certificates. The language barrier, discrimination, and lack of access to programs in which they could learn Turkish as a second language challenged Syrian student integration.

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With data now required to be stored in Turkey, it won’t be hard for the government to access it. “Storing users’ personal data on Turkish servers puts it within easy reach of the authorities, and since the judiciary has lost much of its independence, this could have negative implications for people the government may want to keep a close eye on,” Grothe said. ISTANBUL — The European Union says free speech is too important to be regulated by companies. Activists say Turkey’s social media law shows the danger of leaving it to governments.

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In 2018, Turkey made a moderate advancement in efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The government signed a Joint Declaration on the Elimination of Child Labor, declaring 2018 as the Year of Elimination of Child Labor. In addition, 355 labor inspectors, 81 provincial directors, and 320 teachers were trained on child labor.

This allows for multiple bar associations in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, where the current bar associations are among the few remaining institutions in Turkey voicing public criticism. Persons who illegally transfer personal data or make personal data available to the public may be subject to imprisonment for a term of between two and four years. In principle, personal data can be transferred to third parties with the explicit consent of the data subject. The conditions and exemptions applied to collection and processing of personal data also apply to the transfer of personal data to third parties. The LPPD distinguishes between the transfer of personal data to third parties in Turkey and the transfer of personal data to third countries. Natural or legal persons having less than 50 employees per annum and annual balance less than 25 million Liras and whose main field of activity is not processing special categories of personal data.

Turkish Police Detain Mother Of End

The Turkish military still uses DSM-II dating from 1968 whereas the medical community currently uses DSM IV-2000. According to DSM-II homosexuality is a psychosexual disorder and those who have this “pathology” are considered “unfit to serve” in the Turkish Armed Forces. It is also law firm reported that there are “private gangs” in Turkey who are encouraged by the police to attack transgender women. Turkish legislation provides some regulations regarding the situation of transgender persons in the army as well as gender reassignment surgery of transgender persons.

In today’s world, censorship is one of the most commonly used concepts in political and social science. Censorship can take many forms such as political censorship, which aims to prevent dissemination of political and social news or, military censorship, which is usually implemented during war or under martial law. Self-censorship is a subtle form of censorship which implies indirect, rather than direct imposition of censorship on one self . This imposition may either stem from avoiding a possible harm from authorities or assuring the continuation of some form of benefit. It provides an exploratory analysis of the nature of censorship and tries to analyse the relationship between censorship and the social conditions at play.

Insurance Arbitration And Compensation Claims Regarding Car Accidents In Turkey

Successive AKP governments have long been paying lip service to renewables but the reality is that Turkish government policy seems solely geared towards fossil fuels and their possible lucrative profits. For in the Republic of Turkey , the nation’s founding father Mustafa Kemal and the Ankara government abolished Sharia law in 1926, to replace the Islamic legal codex regulating human actions and social relations with the so-called Kanun-ı Medini, itself a copy of the Swiss Code civil. Turks are already heavily policed on social media and many have been charged with insulting Erdogan or his ministers, or criticism related to foreign military incursions and the handling of the novel coronavirus. As a majority of Turkey’s mainstream media has come under government control over the past decade, Turks have taken to social media and smaller online news outlets for critical voices and independent news.

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The government contends that the law aims to fight cybercrime and protect users. Integrating Turkish legal services between London and Turkey, our Turkish law firm consists of a team of Turkish speaking solicitors in both countries and provides a wide array of international legal services. As such, our solicitors have a detailed knowledge of Turkish laws and customs, and our London firm works closely with our team in Turkey to ensure that clients receive the most efficient legal services.

Contextualising Insurance Contracts: Interactions With Various Fields Of Law Day Insurance Contracts And Dispute Resolution

The decree law on Organization and Duties of Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Amendments to Various Laws, Decree Law No. 702, was issued by the Cabinet on 9 July 2018 as one of the transition decree laws. Decree Law No. 702 is a comprehensive nuclear law regulating nuclear safety, nuclear security, radiation safety, radiation protection, and other related subjects on this topic. Furthermore, it established a new independent nuclear regulatory authority, the NDK. Turkey’s recent history is marked by severe turbulences that came one after the other. After AKP’s ascend to power in 2002, the anxiety and suspicion of the military and civil bureaucracy did not result in a coup, due to the lack of support from the Western world.

  • In 2017, the country shocked many international observers when it banned Wikipedia, a restriction that was lifted only this past January.
  • The Turkish armed forces were like the Gods of Turkey — extremely unjust and merciless against the Kurds.
  • It is also time for the EU and the USA to sponsor Kurdistan as a full member of the UN, and of NATO.
  • When it comes to a divorce and the judge must decide what parent takes the custody of the child, there are a few factors that will influence the decision.

Tahir Elçi, a prominent human rights lawyer, died after being shot in the south-eastern province of Diyarbakır in 2015. Today marks the Day of the Endangered Lawyer, a moment to recognize the threats facing lawyers around the world who dare to stand up for human rights. Elci also attended the commemoration ceremonies for the 1915 Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide, and held public speeches to raise awareness about the issue. He called on the Turkish government to recognize the genocide and return the citizenship and property rights of genocide victims and their families.

Eu Summit To Load Pressure On Poland Over Rule Of Law

As of June 2019, almost one-fifth of the total prison population had been charged with or convicted of terrorism offences, according to the Ministry of Justice. Those prosecuted and convicted included journalists, civil servants, teachers, and politicians, as well as police officers law firm and military personnel. When asked about data showing Turkey as a leading jailer of journalists, and comments from lawyers who say thousands are facing lawsuits for insult, the president said, “I know those credible international organizations that have no credit for me.”

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During the Lice Massacre, on October 22, 1993, 16 Kurds were murdered in Lice, Diyarbakir, by the Turkish military. But as Turkey has proven one more time with the murder of a peace activist, it evidently does not aim to settle this issue justly or democratically. Ever since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, it makes no distinction between those engaging in armed struggle, legal politics or even peace activism. Apparently, all of the Kurds demanding national rights are enemies in the eyes of the Turkish state. According to the article 301, those who “denigrate the Turkish nation, the state of the Turkish Republic, the Grand Assembly of Turkey, the judicial institutions, the military or police organizations of the state” shall receive a prison sentence. But when one wants to talk about the Turkish history or state institutions in a critical way or just differently from the official state ideology, he is discouraged from doing so by the Turkish penal code.

Inside Turkey will also feature legal developments outside of Turkey that affect Turkish companies doing business abroad. Turkey offers significant growth potential to international investors and developers, in addition to domestic businesses. Our understanding of the legal, economic and political landscape in Turkey is second to none and we understand that changes impacting your business can arise rapidly and vary significantly across the region. Under the new law, local police can establish animal protection squads to respond to any incidents in which an animal is harmed or in danger.

So, a document issued in a foreign country needs to be apostilled in that country and must be brought to Turkey as apostilled. However, the embassies and consulates of some countries in Turkey may apostille the documents of their country. Otherwise, your documents must be sent to the country where your document is issued and it must be apostilled there.

In addition, while the Criminal Code criminalizes forming and commanding organized criminal groups, there is a lack of specific provisions related to the recruitment of children by non-state armed groups. Also, the Law on Military Service only criminalizes illegal criminal entities rather than addressing the recruitment of children. The new supplementary law firm article 4 requires that all qualified SNPs “take the necessary measures to store in Turkey the user data of users located in Turkey” ( Turkiye’de barindirma yonunde gerekli tedbirleri alir, author’s translation). The use of subcontracted workers for jobs not temporary in nature remained common, including by firms executing contracts for the state.

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