Citizenship Of Jordan For Only $1 Million Investment



Buy Property Worth 250 000usd And Get The Turkish Citizenship

What Are The Ways To Achieve Turkey Citizenship For Indians?

A court document is sufficient if proper birth certificate doesn’t exist. Turkey provides visa-free travel to over 120 countries worldwide and ranks top on all passport indexes- just behind EU-member states. On the other side, the exceptional of the Turkish passport is its use of a special relationship between Turkey and EU.

The real estate must be appraised by an authorized appraisal company with a special license and approved by the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. In addition, there are certain rules and restrictions regarding previous owners of the property. Therefore, we highly recommend you to ask for legal and real estate consultancy before you apply for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme. IRC Managing Director, Mr. Tolga Habali, has over 10 years active professional experience in the Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry and international real estate investments.

Is It Possible To Apply For Citizenship In Case The Purchased Real Estate Has Mortgage Or Attachment On It?

For to protection of foreign investment, provides support about business structures under Turkish law, labor law, property rights, access to finance and insurance, environmental law, competition law and public procurement regime. The Turkish Investor Program offers a quick and straight forward route to acquire a second passport. Turkey, perfectly situated, straddles many different areas, including the Middle East Central Asia, Mediterranean, and Balkan cultural hub.

TURESTA was established in 2006 with one goal in mind; to provide the best consultancy service and guidance for International investors who are investing in Turkey real estate. It is also a great advantage to have your home and office in a country that is close to the countries where you do business. After completing your travels, an office in Istanbul, which is close to many countries, will keep you in the centre and make law firm istanbul it easier for you to manage your business. Again you win from time and we talked about that time means money in the business world. Whilst Turkey is not yet a member of the European Union or the Schengen zone, Turkish passport holders already benefit from visa-free travel to 110 countries worldwide. This list includes countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and most of the Caribbean Islands and South America.

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Viya Citizenship defines its mission as to “Change the experience of a foreign investors coming to Turkey in all aspects. This includes Company Formation, Residency Permits for the short and long-terms, Property Investments and also the Citizenship by Investment acquisition. Learn all you need to, from our detailed Guide for Investors coming into Turkey. Since its initiation 1998, Viya has been active in Turkey’s real estate industry, servicing top contractors and developers all around the country. Since Turkey’s CBI Program started, we have successfully carried this know-how to create the largest property collection in Turkey. Thanks to Relocate Yourself for helping me get my UK Visitor Visa.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

Attach a copy of the Title Deed, property valuation, and two receipts from your bank. One of the receipts should show a transaction in progress, while the other should show incoming status to the seller of the property. Also, present certified passports for you and your family if they are joining you.

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Ten biometric photos of all applicants and Birth Certificates should be presented. An eligibility certificate is issued within seven working days if you present all these law firm turkey documents. You can get Turkish citizenship by simply staying in the country for at least five years. Your 5-year stay can be through a working visa or a student’s visa.

Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD

The Caribbean citizenship programs are amongst the most popular of all immigration programs in the world. In Turkey, the most cost-effective option for investors to qualify for the Turkish citizenship program is to buy property in the country for a minimum value of $250,000. We offer you a selection of properties approved for “Citizenship by Investment Program”. Our professional and dynamic investment consultants are ready to assist you with the most suitable options possible.

It’s a 2 to 6 months period depending on the applicant’s number of family members, documentation. Citizenship Affairs in Ankara presenting the required documents in order to make the processes more efficient however this will be charged additionally. Turkish language is not sought from candidates for Citizenship through property investment. After holding your investment for 3 years., you can cash out your investment and repatriate the funds along with its proceeds (i.e. rental income, interest etc.) free of exchange control restrictions. If you work in Turkey for a minimum of five years with a legal Work Permit, you are eligible to get Turkey Citizenship.

  • They have already completed numerous applications for foreign real estate investors.
  • Turkey is also privileged to hold an E2 Visa Treaty with the USA, meaning for an additional business investment, Turkish citizens can apply for residency in the USA with the maximum stay terms.
  • Everyone has the right to rent their property with the understanding that a contract is signed between the landlord and tenant.
  • It was also decided that citizenship rights should be provided for foreigners investing in capital market instruments and alternative investments.

At this stage, the investor and their family members who are eligible for Turkish citizenship obtain Turkish IDs and passports. Passports and IDs can be delivered to any Turkish consulate or embassy around the world. By depositing at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira in Banks operating in Turkey for 3 years. Foreign investors who had been granted with the Turkish Citizenship should meet abovementioned requirements for the duration which has stated in the Regulation.

Becoming A Turkish Citizen With Your Family Wife, Husband, Children Under

5 – Carrying out the necessary procedures to obtain approval for real estate from government agencies (3-year reservation and evaluation). 1 – Providing support and advice during your search for suitable real estate to benefit from the law in accordance with your aspirations. We actively take part in the following phases to manage the process under the best possible legal framework from A to Z and in full compliance with the related official regulations. We assure confidence&transparency, simplify complexities and ensure a successful outcome for our clients. ​Citizenship applications requires careful and professional attention by specialized immigration lawyer who knows ins and outs of this process and who can represent clients vis-a-vis government authorities.

So the real estate investment as a condition to get the Turkish citizenship is not applicable for Syrians. And this means that this kind of sales cannot be done especially in houses and flats sales when the floor/ story easement or multi-story ownership law firm turkey and possession right is not transferred yet. And it seems that also the promise to sell contract which is organized in such cases cannot meet the terms and conditions stipulated in the “Regulation” to apply for the Turkish citizenship.

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