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The assessment of opportunities and risks in the court proceedings is often the focus. Our main concern is to protect the interests and rights of our clients in the best possible way. Of course, we check the economics of each case using our expertise and experience and take specific and local characteristics into account. A lawsuit and its profitable outcome often stand or fall with the smallest procedural intricacies – our clientele appreciates having an experienced and trusted team at their side. A group of fellow lawyers practising in various areas of law partnered together to set up an all-service firm. Later on, they are joined by a tax consultant and a CIS lawyer to service Russian-speaking clients.

Our lawyers work in several languages (French, English, Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Gujarati, Hindu/Urdu, Hebrew and Turkish). Concise analysis of key trends in the fast-moving world of corporate governance for board members of Swiss companies. Regular insights into Swiss and international trends and legal developments in the construction industry. Monthly email with the latest updates and summaries of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court’s case law in arbitration matters.

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Such problems can lead to the loss of all your money, that your money remains frozen for years, or you even risk going to jail. The overall purpose is to provide valuable information and tips to foreign practitioners. Whether you are currently engaged in a litigation or contemplating this option, this Guide will help foreign practitioners to understand better how such litigation will take place. To the extent possible, the authors have tried to make it comprehensible for any foreign lawyer, regardless his or her country of origin.

Switzerland law firm

With our hands-on approach, we implement viable solutions for the most complex legal challenges. If conduct, which gives rise to liability under tort law, is also punishable under criminal law, the limitation period under criminal law remains applicable (cf. Art. 97 of the Swiss Criminal Code). However, where turkish citizenship by investment a first-instance criminal judgment is rendered before the conduct is time-barred under criminal law, the limitation periods ends not earlier than three years as from that criminal judgment (revised Art. 60 para. 2 CO). The current law does not provide for such an additional three-year limitation period.

Switzerland Set To Adopt Human Rights Reporting And Limited Due Diligence Law After Referendum On Stricter Proposal Fails

We advise and represent clients in domestic and international matters with a special expertise in cross-border business. The law firm is unique as it is the only Swiss Firm having offices in five leading foreign jurisdictions. That’s why, as your lawyer in Switzerland, we seek personal discussions directly with the bank’s decision-makers – at the highest level of management. We are known for achieving fast results for our customers physically at the table in the bank. All partners of Caputo & Partners have gained professional experience as insiders with Swiss banks.

Switzerland law firm

Our Firm is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact, pledging to support 10 universally accepted human rights, labor, anti-corruption, environment and sustainability principles. The Swiss legal market has a few established, full-service law firms which enjoy a strong reputation namelyBär & Karrer Ltd.,Homburger,Lenz & Staehelin,Niederer Kraft Frey AG, Kellerhals Carrard andSchellenberg Wittmer Ltd. Other active players in the market arePestalozzi,VISCHERandWalder Wyss Ltd.International law firmsBaker McKenzieandCMSalso have established practices. Besides Covid-19-related changes, the new Financial Services Act FinSA and Financial Institutions Act FinIA came into force on 1 January 2020; this resulted in an uptick in instructions to handle regulatory advisory mandates.

From 2002 until 2016, he served as a career law clerk to Bankruptcy Court Judges Kornreich and Fagone . He was also a judge advocate in the Maine Air National Guard from 1990 until 2013, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. An academic semester in law firm istanbul law firms or legal departments of large companies, clubs or sports institutions. While the reverse solicitation exemption may play a significant role under the new Swiss financial services legislation, the exemption remains narrowly defined.

The firm has a reputation of being intellectual and respectful and provides ample support to its associates—from extensive mentoring to career coaching. The firm’s core franchise practices include strategic and private equity, M&A, insurance, financial services transactions, fund formation, complex litigation, white collar/investigations, and international arbitration. LawCrossing– A job opening research service and search engine that typically features more than 60,000 active legal jobs at any given time.

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In many cases, the heirs must realize that they have inherited not only a Swiss bank account but also tax problems. Before you inherit any untaxed funds, make sure that the bank account is legalized as soon as possible. The lack of practice in the bank meant that communication with the bank was unnecessarily complicated and degenerated into a paper war with the legal department of the bank.

Switzerland law firm

We have a leading position in the high-tech, IP-rich, and regulated industries. Our track record across a broad range of cases involving business law makes us the ideal partner for corporate as well as private clients. The fully-integrated structure of our partnership ensures that the right lawyer is always selected for the right case. Our approach of multiple specialization also ensures that our lawyers not only provide professional and solution-oriented advise within, but also identifies relevant aspects outside of their area of specialization.

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The Swiss government has information on key Swiss sectors on its website. You, our client, have even more expertise at your disposal without having to forego personal advice and support from our manageable team. The Anglo-Canadian law firm Gowling WLG, formed by a merger in February 2016, uses a variant of the Swiss Verein structure in which the firm’s two partnerships are members of an English company limited by guarantee. I would thoroughly recommend Graf & Partners, we were fortunate enough to be left an inheritance from a German relative who had been domiciled in the UK for over 60 years. Part of the estate was commercial property that was subject to strict local licensing laws.

Switzerland law firm

In 2020, the Swiss government shared details of more than 3.1 million bank accounts with 66 partner countries. In return, it received details of 815,000 accounts held by Swiss citizens in 86 partner countries. Providing advice to emerging companies on intellectual property asset procurement, acquisition, and development. The law firms accepting cryptocurrencies as payment view it as a form of goodwill, but practices vary widely from firm to firm.

In addition, he looked after private clients from Southern Europe and South America. He perfected his portable know-how as an international tax attorney in Switzerland and expanded his network of relationships with regulators, auditors, other banks and authorities, in particular with the Swiss authorities for international legal assistance. His practical advice as a banking and tax attorney to account managers and end customers has been greatly appreciated. Your battle-proven lawyer defending your interests in Switzerland – international boutique law firm in Zurich will solve your tax, banking and business problem cases in Switzerland and abroad.

The new absolute limitation period in cases of personal injury amounts to twenty years after the date when the conduct which caused the damages occurred or ended (new Art. 60 para. 1bis CO). Under the current law, there was no special absolute limitation period for cases of personal injury, so that the ordinary 10-year period applied (Art. 60 para. 1 CO). In 2020, an important revision of the Swiss statute of limitations enters into force.

Accordingly, leading law firms in these areas of practice are often elite boutique firms that keep a relatively small size but provide high-quality service. But even elite boutiques feel the pressures from the rising Big Law firms. In the IPO market, for example, elite boutique firms such as Haiwen, Tongshang, Fangda, and Jingtian & Gongcheng compete with full-service firms such as Jun He, King & Wood, Grandall, and Zhong Lun. As the latter group expanded their sizes in recent years, the former group also adapted to deal with the increasingly intense market competition. It is evident that King & Wood’s domestic growth follows the trajectory of many large law firms in Western countries; that is, to set up offices according to business needs while maintaining a fully integrated firm structure. When local partners were recruited into a new King & Wood branch office, many were required to “take a bath” by working in the Beijing headquarters or other mature offices for a period of time to fully expose them to the firm’s culture and management practices.

Switzerland law firm

In addition to our arbitration and dispute resolution work, we advise on Swiss law, and we have successfully resolved cases before the Swiss Supreme Court. Aceris Law provides arbitration legal representation under nearly all laws. Many clients of Swiss banks protect their assets from devastating divorces, from rapacious creditors. Medical doctors from all over the world mitigate their professional risks and protect their families with international structures and Swiss bank accounts. The Automatic Exchange of Information will report your private account information to the tax authority at your place of residence. The first Automatic Exchange of Information will be carried out by the Swiss banks as early as September 2018.

Switzerland law firm

With the Capital Measures Ordinance, the Federal Minister of Finance determines the tax acquisition costs for various capital measures . But both Lalive and NKF are convinced that their overseas lawyers bring not just work but a different culture to the firm. “The litmus test is whether the foreign lawyers have a true career path.

Switzerland law firm

Highly qualified and motivated administrative staff are key to the success of our work. We offer the opportunity to work in a truly international environment, with colleagues and clients across the world. We are always interested in candidacy from qualified people to join our administrative team.

They can also stand in the gap to make an appeal for their candidate’s application. If the situation warrants the candidate to reapply, they will also make it known to them. Legal Developments and updates from the leading lawyers in each jurisdiction.

  • During your internship, you will work on the Firm’s cases, assisting lawyers in their day-to-day work, carrying out research, participating in team meetings discussing strategy and other related activities.
  • A platform of this nature facilitates more efficient in-house cooperation between auditors, tax advisors and business consultants as they work on a joint project.
  • This is one of the functions of an immigration lawyer in Switzerland.
  • Various corporates on supply chain risk management, including compliance with the UN Guiding Principles on BHR and human rights due diligence.

“We are delighted to be joining Murgitroyd and look forward to offering our clients the broader range and scope of intellectual property services that being part of a larger practice brings. Our combined operations in Dublin will also continue to be an increasingly important service base for our clients”. Swiss citizens, people married to Swiss citizens, and foreigners with permanent residence all need to file an annual tax return.

Switzerland law firm

Last year, start-ups launched roughly 70 ICOs to raise a total of 1 billion Swiss francs. This year, that number is expected to surge to 1.5 billion francs with 120 coin offerings. The unusual form of fundraising has rapidly advanced to an institutionalized form of financing – partly thanks to the interest of big law firms as well. “Hogan Lovells” or the “firm” refers to the international legal practice that comprises Hogan Lovells International LLP, Hogan Lovells US LLP and their affiliated businesses, each of which is a separate legal entity. She is also a visiting professor at National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Georgetown University and the President of the Council of the Center for International Dispute Settlement . Gabrielle teaches courses on international commercial and investment arbitration and heads research projects in the area of arbitration.

Our involvement in the political, academic and judicial life reflects the diversity, the open-mindness and the strength of our fully dedicated team at the service of our clients. Yes, it is legal for individuals to fill out a divorce petition themselves. However, it is highly recommended that you find a divorce lawyer with experience for a consultation regardless, even if you are planning to have a mutually acceptable no-fault divorce.

He joined Paine Webber Incorporated in 1983 and after the merger with UBS became Director of the Investment Products Group. Mr. Naratil holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale University and an MBA in economics from New York University. Christian Bluhm became a member of the GEB and was appointed Group Chief Risk Officer of UBS Group AG and UBS AG in 2016. He joined UBS from FMS Wertmanagement, where he had been Chief Risk & Financial Officer since 2010 and Spokesman of the Executive Board from 2012 to 2015. From 2004 to 2009, he worked for Credit Suisse, where he was Managing Director responsible for Credit Risk Management in Switzerland and Private Banking worldwide. Mr. Bluhm was Head of Credit Portfolio Management until 2008 and then Head of Credit Risk Management Analytics & Instruments after the financial crisis in 2008.

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