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If the application is rejected, the reason will be stated in the application result. The investor can reapply and get the citizenship after measuring up the criteria. 8- Once the necessary checks are completed, the certificate of eligibility issued is sent by an official letter to the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs and General Directorate of Migration Management. You can buy your property and have your Turkish passport without visiting Turkey.

If marriage is broken up after getting nationality, no need to worry, your nationality will not be affected. Construction & Consultancy Turkey Investments is a real estate marketing and investment consultancy company in Turkey, which bridges Turkish developers and international investors around the world. It was established to offer trusted and best-in-class service in the real estate sector, which opened its doors to foreign investment on the heels of the new Real Estate Law in May 2012. For the properties that will be purchased by cash, the title deed should be transferred to be able to start the citizenship application. For the payment of your property purchase, you have the option to pay your down payment from your country when you go back or from a Turkish bank account which you can open very easily.

Enjoy A Lifetime Of Turkish Citizenship

It is possible for a foreign investor to apply for a short-term residence without entering Turkey. Investors also have the opportunity to apply for a short-term residence permit through the e-residence system. However, in this case, the relevant documents must be submitted to the General Directorate of Migration Management. In order to acquire citizenship in this way, it is necessary to live in a family unity , not having any activity incompatible with the unity of marriage, and there should be no obstacles in terms of public order and national security.

Following the three years wait, citizenship is granted to the investor, spouse and children under the age of 18. All charges on the property are lifted and the unit can be sold on if necessary. A lawyer should be employed to best protect your interests and walk you through the citizenship application process.

Investment At Turkey Options

All original payment receipts from the buyer’s bank account with a total value of the receipts equivalent to 250 thousand US dollars, which is of course one of the main conditions to apply for . Yes indeed, investors can include their spouse and dependent children under the age of 21 on their E2 investor visa applications. They can also apply to unify with the main applicant after the investor visa has been obtained his visa. Since 2017, foreign nationals can be granted citizenship after making an economic contribution to Turkish society.

turkish citizenship

It is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship in many different ways, but the easiest and most functional way is to do so by investing. Contrary to what is written in laws and provisions, the way of implementation in practice differs, and the transactions are not as easy as it seems. While doing this by investment, the best solution is to buy a house. In other ways and methods, there are too many problems and problems, and healthy results cannot be obtained. If you qualify all the basic requirements and eligibility criteria of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program and agree to make the mandatory investment, let us help you prepare your application and take the procedure forward.

Unlike other nationality programs offered by different countries, the acquisition of law firm istanbul is attractive for foreign investors as the application can be made immediately after the purchase of the real estate. The country has one of the fastest application processing times for its Turkish citizenship by investment program. They can include but are not restricted to the passport, birth certificate, residence permit, marriage certificate, the Turkish identity number of relatives, photographs.

Experts predict that this decision would increase sales of Turkish property and attract more investors. Investing in Turkey where the investment guarantees employment opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens grants the investor the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. Those who deposit at least $500,000 as investment capital in Turkish banks can obtain the Turkish citizenship and become Turkish citizens by a decision of the Council of Ministers. The Turkish government issued a decision to reduce the amount of property ownership, which entitles the holder to obtain Turkish citizenship to $ 250,000 after the amount was $ 1 million. Not only housing but you can also earn the right to be a Turkish citizen by purchasing different kinds of real estate such as an office, a store or an estate. Investor has to sign an obligation not to sell the property for 3 years in the Title Deed Department, then the investor can directly apply for citizenship.

The law issued in this regard, which gives the right to obtain in return for buying a property is the most important advantages that show the great importance attached by Turkey to the real estate sector. It is obligatory for foreigners who will stay in Turkey for more than ninety days or the period granted by the visa or visa exemption to obtain a residence permit. In Turkish law, there are many different residence permits according to the reasons of arrival and stay in Turkey. The type of residence permit that an investor must obtain in order to acquire citizenship is a short-term residence permit. If the foreigner is going to apply for a residence permit from Turkey for a period, he/she must enter Turkey using a valid visa or visa exemption and apply for a short-term residence permit online to extend his/her stay in Turkey.

Passports must have at least two blank pages and be valid for at least 1 year. Tunisia Turkish passport holders do not require a visa and may stay for up to 90 days. Uganda Turkish passport holders can apply online for an eVisa or a Visa on Arrival permitting them to stay for up to 90 days. Zambia Turkish passport holders can obtain an eVisa or a Visa on Arrival and are permitted to stay for a maximum of 90 days. Zimbabwe Turkish passport holders must obtain an eVisa online or a Visa on Arrival permitting them to stay for up to 3 months.

Then we suggest you to obtain the first of group services at this stage. Turkish Citizenship Invest is founded by Ocakli Law Firm and a group of real estate companies in an effort to combine their expertise in order to provide full range of services for foreigners seeking Turkish citizenship by investment. Halic property has been providing real estate services professionally to investors in buying and selling the most luxury places in Turkey. Our experienced team provides the vision to lead you to the highest returns of investments. In the past two decades, buying a property turkey has been demanded from all around the world. Investing in Turkey, especially in luxury real estate in Istanbul, is a golden opportunity for higher return of investments.

turkish citizenship

Investors who are entitled to receive citizenship by investing in fixed capital cannot transfer their shares in the company to another person for at least three years. After the approval of residence permit, the lawyer applies for Turkish citizenship on behalf of Investor and his dependents. The archipelago of Vanuatu—about 1,000 miles east of Australia—has a Development Support Program that requires a non-refundable donation to the islands of $180,000 for a family of four.

Alternatives Of Getting Turkish Citizenship By Investment

This is primarily a result of the depressed Turkish Lira despite Turkey’s economy remaining strong. Both Turkish and foreign buyers are looking to tap into Turkey’s prime real estate market. Whether you are looking for apartments in residential centers or seaside apartments or villas, Turkey offers everything. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program is also one of the most affordable global programs awarding secondary citizenship through property investment.

turkish citizenship

We know that your priority is the ROI for your real estate purchase which is also our priority. There will be hundreds of eligible properties for the Turkish citizenship application. We will make sure this property will be the best option which will also match your requirements and expectations for your future benefits.

In conclusion, in our modern world, you have the option of becoming a global citizen, and you can choose from a number of programs to help you fulfill your goals—all without breaking the bank. Businessmen from all around the world have proven to be interested in second citizenship programs, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. While there are countless programs that offer outstanding benefits for their applicants, the Turkish program stands out of the crowd for its affordability. It is important to understand Turkey is not a EU member state and not a member of Schengen area, but participates in the EU customs union. Turkey has been an applicant to accede to the EU since 1987, but since 2016 accession negotiations have stalled.

turkish citizenship

For instance, residence permit can be issued at the end of three months for a German citizen coming to Turkey with 1 year visa granting 1 year permit, and at the end of 1 month for a Jordan citizen coming with the same type of visa . Similarly, short-term residence applications can be made from Turkey. The foreign investor must appoint a representative authorized by special power of attorney in Turkey if he/she wishes to apply from Turkey while he/she is abroad. The majority of applicants opt for the real estate investment based option based on the simplicity and speed associated with the application process. We do perform Turkish citizenship services with investment options, however Turkish Citizenship Laws becoming more complex each and every day. We have successfully represented clients from Iran, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macao, China, Djibouti, USA and we know how to get required paperwork done in each country.

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