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The usual processing time when renewing ones passport outside of South Africa takes about 6 months. Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you are struggling with the online application process. Please advise if you have to pay the R800 for a lost but expired passport ; it seems excessive for a passport that expired.

Passport renewal applications can also be sent by mail. However, if your old passport is badly damaged or you are under 16, you must renew in person. Go to your nearest post office, and create an appointment after you fill out a form, take a picture, have records, etc. You will need to provide personal information, physical description, address information and travel plans in order to complete this form.If you are printing out your forms, print them on single-sided pages. When renewing your passport, you will also need get a new passport photo taken. We work closely with third parties in order to provide you the services you request on our Website.

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To my knowledge, both passports would be linked as it is for the same person. However we do recommend you contact DHA direct for the most up to date information. You would need to contact the nearest South African Embassy. They will look into this and advise on the correct procedures to follow.


Request expedited service in person at a passport acceptance facility near you. I have a different surname in my Indian passport to my married name. I recently acquired british citizenship in the same name as my indian passport.

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If your Turkish resident permit has been lost or stolen, particularly while traveling out of the country, it is important to report it immediately. Department of State’s website or via phone or mail before applying to replace it. If a passport is lost or stolen while outside the U.S., visit the nearest consulate or embassy. The Department of State website is purely to fill out the passport application form and does not billg any charges. Fees are explained while filling out the application but there is no payment collected during this process. Yes, you do need to pay the $170 US Department of State fee for any passport request.


For example, any holder of a Canadian turkish citizenship can apply for an Indian e-visa. India’s attractiveness score is 3.12, but a Canadian passport will get only half of this score (1.56). The full 3.12 will be attributed only to the four countries with a visa-free regime with India – Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, and Japan. And second, if a country has a stringent visa policy and requires visitors from most countries to obtain visas, many potential travelers get discouraged. This may negatively affect a country’s arrival numbers.

Watch this video to learn about the travel vaccination and other health services Health provides. Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medicine services with travel clinics throughout the United States. Click the Next button, you will get a printable passport picture which is suitable to be printed on 4R (4×6″) photo paper. Select country and ID photo type, and click Start.


The secrets supplied by the consumer and token callbacks are used to compute a signature, and authentication fails if it does not match the request signature. Two routes are required for OAuth 2.0 authentication. The first route redirects the user to the service provider. The second route is the URL to which the user will be redirected after authenticating with the provider. Two routes are required for OAuth authentication.

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So, with attractiveness scores of all the countries on the planet set, we then could measure any passport’s quality as a travel document. If you assess the quality of both passports the traditional way – by counting the number of countries – then both passports equally provide visa-free access to two nations. But clearly, the passport holder is getting more value in their ability to visit France and China. But in any case, a second passport from the United Kingdom will serve you very well in your travels – it is a great travel document. You may need to provide your old passport, your social security number, your current visa, or other identity documents. Call the National Passport Information Center if you must travel within 3 days.

The effective area is one of important contents. In some countries it imprinted the words like “this passport is effective toward XX ” or “citizen who holds it is not allowed to go to X X and XX “. A passport is not a permanent credential but a document with a limited period of validity. It is the legal proof during the period of validity only, which is also known as effective; otherwise it is invalid and is without legal status. “The Ontario vaccine passport itself is an instrument of coercion that pressures individuals to submit to a medical intervention, contrary to their will and their own best judgment,” adds Mr. Pineda. Further, vaccine manufacturers have only promised that those receiving the new mRNA vaccines will suffer less severe symptoms; no promise was made that vaccines stop the spread.

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Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months from date of return and needs to have 3 consecutive blank pages. I’ve looked on their website and see they charge R800 if one is applying for a new passport as the other one has been lost. You would need to ask one of their employees and hopefully they would be able to give you a time frame of the waiting period when applying for a new passport. I have followed up and was told even if you complete the application online you would still need to stand in line. Sorry to hear of the frustration you have gone through in trying to renew your passport.

There are many other factors that determine the cost of a U.S. law firm turkey (which you’ll learn in this guide). I am trying to put the same address as my current passport. In my current passport, I have ROAD but due to character limit in the application form, I am not able to type in the full word.

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I just applied for OCI as soon as they started issuing it. The biggest peeve of mine is the onerous process to get it reissued every time a new passport is issued for holders under 20 years and once after the holder reaches 50 years of age. I am all for updating the picture etc. but the process needs to be greatly simplified than made many more times difficult for reissue of a new passport.

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