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In 2009, the reactor was shut down to exchange the reactor core from mixed HEU-LEU core to fully LEU core. In 2013, the project on strengthening of the reactor building was completed. An updated safety analysis report and other related documents are prepared and submitted to nuclear regulatory authority to get an operation license. The nuclear policy of the country includes R&D activities concerning the application of nuclear technology in various sectors such as energy, environment, human health, industry and agriculture. Decree Law No. 702 introduces a national policy for management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

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A statement of claim must be treated in its integrity and court decisions are made for all matters cited in a statement of claim or counterclaim. Despite a court warning, if a person continues to behave disobediently and to disturb the order of the hearing, the court may impose a temporary disciplinary custody period of up to four days. Registration offices at courthouses allocate cases randomly, taking the caseload of each court into consideration. The court may decide to split proceedings that are jointly commenced or are consolidated afterwards at any stage of the proceeding, upon the request of the parties or ex officio.

In the case of early decommissioning, if the money saved in the account is insufficient for decommissioning of the facility, then the cost is compensated by the assurance provided by an authorized person. NPP owners shall contribute to the special decommissioning account and special radioactive waste management account separately per unit of electricity generated, and other waste producers shall contribute per type and activity of waste and type of practice. Integration of nuclear energy into the Turkish energy supply will be one of the major means of decreasing the risks emerging from dependence on imported fuels by satisfying the increasing electric energy demand. MENR targets call for the share of NPPs in electricity generation to reach at least 15% by 2035. Having applied for an EIA, EUAS International ICC organized a public participation meeting on 6 February 2018. The EIA report was prepared by EUAS International ICC, and this report was submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority by MOEU on 14 November 2019 for review of radiological impacts.

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New incentives and perspectives that build integrity-based politics should be introduced. This involves shifting the focus of political parties from personal exchanges to long-term political programmes with a shared vision to serve the public good beyond a particular network. Another important principle that investors must know in advance is one that states that a movable property is liable to the national law of the deceased’s own country, while an immovable property of a deceased person is subject to the law of the Republic of Turkey.

Filtering The secure Internet

The Turkish Government assured its people that withdrawing from the Convention would not mean neglect of the law on Domestic Violence and Women’s Rights. Any other sons who have reached military age of a father or a widowed mother having two or more sons, of whom two are in the army, shall not be transferred until one of his brothers has finished his active service . Any person who has finished middle school or high school and who has not had time to be accepted by a higher college at the time of the final draft shall have their draft postponed to the following year if they can show the necessary documents. The doctor shall enter on the forms what the illness is, whether or not he is fit for medical service and according to which article on the Physical Fitness Regulation form it [i.e. The draft period is the period starting from the beginning of military age and continuing until the time of entry into a unit. I am Mrs Haliyat for senegal dakar civil engineering by profession, 53years old, am now retired from my job and i also want to invest and agriculture in morroco.

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Held the Second Monitoring and Evaluation Board Meeting in December 2018 and announced focal points for combating child labor in each province. Turkey has ratified all key international conventions concerning child labor . ‡ Child labor understood as the worst forms of child labor per se under Article 3– of ILO C. The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation replaced the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in December 2019, and continues to offer a full range of programs in Turkey, including political risk insurance for U.S. investors, under its bilateral agreement.

Graduates of the technical branch are awarded theTeknik Lise Diplomasi orDevlet Teknik Lisesi Diploması. Graduates of the vocational branch are awarded the Meslek Lise Diplomasi orDevlet Meslek Lisesi Diploması. The diplomas in both streams grant access to university entrance examinations . Admission to general schools is based on the “Transition from Primary to Secondary Education” examination at the end of grade 8. Students are tested in subjects like Turkish, mathematics, religion and ethics, science, history and Kemalism (Atatürkism), and foreign languages. In past decades, the role of imam hatip schools was limited, especially at the middle school level.

The upper class favors European-language high schools and universities; the middle class is more satisfied with standard Turkish educational institutions. Both classes prefer to speak an educated Istanbul style of standard Turkish. Some 30 percent of the population are rural farmers, often referred to as peasants. Improved communications and transportation have brought them into closer contact with towns and cities. Educational efforts since 1923 succeeded in bringing the national literacy level up to 82.3 percent by 1995, although the rural literacy level is lower.

This agreement entered into force on 31 of July 2015 after completion of diplomatic procedures. Electricity Generation Joint Stock Company is a state owned company and the largest electricity generation company in Turkey. EUAS operates the existing hydraulic and thermal power plants, including their maintenance, repair and rehabilitation. EUAS has been given the role of the state operating organization for NPPs that are owned and operated by the state .

Foundation universities charge very high tuition fees (up to USD $20,000 per year). Compared to public institutions, which are mostly government-funded and charge just a few hundred U.S. dollars in annual fees, they also pay higher salaries to their faculty. Some 40 percent of their students are said to currently receive scholarships. Proponents staying permit turkey of private education argue that foundation universities provide better education than public universities and should be considered a role model for other countries in the Middle East. Classes are often taught in English, and the teaching style tends to be less hierarchical, allowing for more open interactions between students and professors.

From Repressing Digital Content To Repressing People

Opposition parties and human rights groups see the new law as President Erdogan’s latest attempt to control media platforms and further silence his critics. Otherwise, we will continue to protect the rights of our citizens at all times,” Erdogan added, accusing the social media giants of creating an uncontrolled environment in the name of freedoms. And it seems, a number of Middle Eastern governments have also seen the writing on the wall. As pointed out by Dr Aisha Al-Sarihi, saying that “Gulf countries have begun to shift their attention toward renewables . Ince the 2014 drop in oil prices;” Adding that “etween 2014 and 2018, the total renewable electricity installed capacity in the Gulf Arab states increased by almost 313 percent” – listing such countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In contrast, the AKP-led New Turkey steadfastly keeps pursuing its hydrocarbon dreams of old, trying to become a regional and even global energy hub.

Head of bar association in Diyarbakir city charged with “promoting terrorism” after saying “PKK is not terrorist group”. Hundreds of supporters of Elci, who were trying to get to Diyarbakir for the lawyer’s funeral on Sunday morning, were being blocked by police in several parts of the country, sources told Al Jazeera. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, as he was not authorised to discuss the case with the media. “At this time, we believe that Mr. Elci may have been caught in the crossfire but we aren’t ruling out the possibility that a third party directly targeted him,” he added. Tahir Elci, the chairman of the Diyarbakir Bar Association, was caught in the crossfire between Kurdish rebels and security forces while making a press statement in Diyarbakir, Turkish media reported.


Some 27,951 permanent residents of Turkish origin were studying at German universities in 2015. That same year, 6,785 Turkish international students were enrolled on German campuses. These students reportedly view to Germany as a low cost study destination; theytypically enroll in business and engineering programs, or technical disciplines. Turkey’s Ministry of National Education estimates that, in 2016, some 491,896 Syrian refugee children were attending Turkish primary and secondary schools. To accommodate their integration, the Turkish government is presently training more than 19,000 additional teachers in collaboration with UNICEF. In its modern history, Turkey has seen its share of political crises and military coups.

  • In this new framework, NDK is one of the support solution partners of the chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear service group which has been established within the framework of the National Disaster Response Plan .
  • For that, I give my thanks to the Koç University Law Faculty, Dean Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder, all my professors, faculty members and young lawyers I have been working together with.
  • Men monopolize the officer ranks in the military and the transportation occupations of pilot and taxi, truck, and bus driver.
  • Accordingly, most education policies are steered by the national government in Ankara.
  • Alison J. Nathan on September 30, 2019, the defendants’ motion for summary judgment to dismiss the claim was denied, and Turkey’s motion for summary judgment against the defendants’ counterclaims was granted, allowing the case to proceed further.
  • We advise and represent our international clients in all areas of immigration law.

Details about the legal issues in blocking decisions can be found in Akdeniz and Akdeniz and Altıparmak . Due to the fact that censorship in the country became more intense and technically more sophisticated in the last few years, we mainly focus on the 2010s. This article also compares the motivations and methods of other countries’ censorship practices, such as those in place in Iran and China. Social media venues like Twitter had proven to be effective in organising demonstrations and disseminating news about the events. Website blocking gained a new momentum after corruption revelations about the highest echelons of the government surfaced between 17 and 25 December 2013. During that period, the partial blackout of the mass media, directly or indirectly controlled by the government – sometimes through lucrative bids or unexpected tax fines, was mainly bypassed via Twitter.

The prices of goods and services can be less than one New Kurus and such values can also be expressed with fractions of one New Kurus. By multiplying certain fixed numbers, the values involved in accrual, collection and payment transactions such as taxes, foreign exchange buying and selling may result in less than one New Kurus, or the remainder thereof can be less than one New Kurus. Taxpayers wishing to benefit from the voluntary tax base increase provisions are required to apply to their respective tax office by 31 August 2021. With respect to ongoing tax inspections, the Law stipulates that the inspections must be finalized by the tax authorities by 2 August following the application for a tax base increase on the taxes that are subject to tax inspection. Taxpayers who have submitted their income and corporate tax returns for the relevant year in due time, have paid these taxes on time, and have not benefited from debt restructuring opportunities for the relevant years will pay tax at the rate of 15%.

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This means that lawyers are no longer able to practice their profession the way they are supposed to in a healthy democracy. On Tuesday, prosecutors in the western province of Izmir ordered the arrest of 66 suspects, including 48 serving military personnel, in an investigation of the armed forces, state-owned Anadolu news agency reported. The International Commission of Jurists also expressed concern, saying the arrests breached Turkey’s obligations under international law. The Pearl Times is your trusted source of news and analysis from Uganda and the rest of the world in the beats of politics, business, entertainment, technology, education and health. We are proud to be the only mid-sized New York law firm with an office in Istanbul – a testament to our deep connection to Turkey, and our ability to serve as a vital link for Turkish-American interests, both domestically and globally. Serka Law Firm combine extensive experience gained over many years with deep industry knowledge and a complete commitment to interests of our clients.

The problems, both legal and cultural, of illicit taking and trading of antiquities are, and have been, difficult ones in numerous nations. Such details can, as in this case, often be difficult to prove with great specificity due to the unfortunate truth that provenance for antiquities is virtually always incomplete. Turkey also claimed Varol has bias that adds to the invalidity of his testimony.

Those citizens who have been transferred by the government from one place of settlement within Turkey to another and who are subject to active service but who have not yet performed it shall be called up after two years’ postponement from the date of resettlement. These conditions also apply to international data controllers processing personal data abroad. The Turkish Data Protection Authority was established as a financially and administratively independent supervisory authority in early 2017. Its role is to enforce the provisions of the KVKK and raise public awareness about personal data protection. Compel social media companies with over one million users a day to have representatives based in Turkey who are Turkish nationals. If they don’t, they will face fines of up to 40 million Turkish Lira , advertising bans and the reduction of Internet bandwidth by up to 90%, effectively blocking access to their platforms.

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The new regulations might also prompt companies to quit the Turkish market, experts have warned. PayPal quit Turkey in 2016 because of similar requests and Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey for more than two-and-a-half years. If the media companies comply within three months, the fines will be reduced by 75 per cent. As final sanctions, their bandwidth will be halved and then cut by 90 per cent. Turkey’s Information and Communications Technologies Authority, BTK, on Friday imposed fines of 30 million Turkish lira, equal to 3.10 million euros, on digital media giants including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope and TikTok, following the first 10 million lira fine a month ago.

The lawyers team has been extended with financial and business consultants. We are a business-oriented law firm committed to offering the highest standards of service. Our policy is to provide efficient and professional solicitors’ services to international clients, corporations and individuals, with legal matters in Turkey, while eliminating the complexities of dealing with a foreign legal system. The law still needs to be approved by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but at this point that is just a formality.

The Administrative Code bears similarities with French law, and the Penal Code with its Italian counterpart. In Turkish law, there is no specific anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation, but crimes are mainly regulated under the Criminal Code. There is no civil enforcement when it comes to the regulation of anti-corruption issues. Criminal law is currently the only source for criminalising acts of corruption.

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