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You can own one of the modern residences, villas or Turkish houses with preserved historical texture. You can find the best luxury opportunities, especially in Istanbul. And most importantly, you can have a Turkish citizenship by investment to a property in Turkey.

There is a special international treaty between the United Kingdom and Turkey called the Ankara Agreement and it makes it easy for Turkish citizens to immigrate and even work in the UK. Turkey’s Customs Union with the EU allows investors and their businesses direct access to the EU Market. Also there are other ways to invest in Turkey and get a citizenship. The process of applying for nationality is short, and we will assist you along the way, from choosing the right property, to helping to arrange all paperwork and applications.

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The Abuja office is managed by Faruk Abdullahi., a Nigerian national and holder of a Master’s degree in finance from Heriot-watt University, United Kingdom. If you are interested in applying for a Turkish staying permit, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. Guide Consultants can help and guide you through the entire process of securing a Turkish citizenship and passport. Earlier this year, Turkey announced it would grant visa-free entry to citizens of six European nations, including Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Great Britain. No doubt, the Turkish government is thus boosting the tourism industry while also hoping that European partners may reciprocate.

If you’re going to live in the country, taxes become an issue as not all these countries are tax-free. Maltaalso offers the ability to live and work in the European Union. This can be beneficial to people from the West who do business in Russia and struggle with visas. With the exception of St. Lucia, all the Caribbean passports now grant visa-free access to Russia. Others have hard-to-access countries like Iran, South Africa, and Macedonia.

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Capital Gains are usually treated as ordinary income and taxed at corporate income tax rates. Distribution of dividends between resident companies is tax exempt. Dividends received from a non-resident entity are considered law firm business income and subject to Corporate Income Tax. The average growth was 13.98% (4.76% inflation-adjusted), due to political and economic uncertainty in the country and the foreign direct investment collapse.

turkish citizenship by investment

Under the terms and conditions of Citizenship Law No. 5901, you can re-apply to the governorship of your place of residence again if your application is rejected. They can include but are not restricted to the passport, birth certificate, residence permit, marriage certificate, the Turkish identity number of relatives, photographs. Individual applicants will also need to attend an interview that will be carried out in Turkish. Many foreigners have obtained citizenship after 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen.

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Acquired a property worth a minimum of USD 250,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira with a title deed restriction on its resale for at least three years. Obtain a certificate of eligibility by applying to the General Directorate Turkish staying permit of Land Registry and Cadaster, of the Ministry of Environment & Urban Planning. Then, obtain the required documents to apply for a residence permit. Citizens from most nationalities are eligible to apply for the program.

It is very important for you to understand all the rules before investing. Once you purchase the property, you need to make sure that it is not subject to any tax. Taxation plays an important role in determining the value of the property. Also, if you are planning to lease the property, then it is important that the lease period is specified. Real estate developers also charge an amount for leasing the property. It is the amount that goes to the developer in return of the money paid to the developer.

In 2018, recent changes made in Turkey’s Citizenship law reduced nearly four times the investment required to participate in the country’s citizenship-by-investment program and this made this program more attractive. Once the investment has been properly made, the competent government authority issues a certificate verifying that the investment conditions have been met. Investors who participate in the program have the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship together with their spouse, children under 18 years old as well as children who are over 18 years old but remain dependent due to their medical condition. As Prudential Chambers, we have also been recently awarded as the ‘Citizenship Law Firm of the Year in Turkey’ by the respective Lawyer World media for our diligent advice on Turkish citizenship by investment and related matters. And also, the period of residence in Turkey must be not less than five full years, and that he must not reside outside Turkey for more than six months at a time.

Turkish Citizenship regulations have been amended to further encourage foreign investment. Purchasing a property or other types of investment of certain limits may give foreigners a path to Turkish Citizenship. In order to acquire citizenship in this way, it is necessary to live in a family unity , not having any activity incompatible with the unity of marriage, and there should be no obstacles in terms of public order and national security. In this way, foreigners wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship will not be affected by the floating exchange rate. Would you recommend going for a Turkish citizenship or a Grenada citizenship before applying for the E2 visa.

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