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In case of dismissing representation attorney-at-law is obliged, as long as the client does not find another representative or as long as thirty days passes the longest, to take over all the measures in the absence of which client would suffer damages, except if the client exempted him from such obligation. Attorney-at-law cannot due to unjustified reasons dismiss representation before the procedure is finished and before all the rights to appeal have been used if there is a base for that. When so requested by client’s interests and allowed by legal assumptions, attorney-at-law should try to solve the case before initiating dispute peacefully, out of court. Except for the number of case, name of the other Attorney-at-law authorized for replacing and correcting obvious mistakes in writing, additional amendments of power of attorney are not allowed.

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In principle, direct or indirect acquisitions of qualified shareholdings in certain sectors require the approval of the competent regulator, irrespective of the aggregate turnovers of the parties to the concentration. However, if the jurisdictional thresholds are exceeded, merger clearance is also required in addition to the approval of the sector-specific regulator. Any foreign-to-foreign merger is subject to merger control in Montenegro, as long as one of the turnover thresholds is satisfied. A domestic effects doctrine has not yet been adopted by the Agency, although Article 2 of the Competition Act provides that the Competition Act applies to acts which have, or which might have, effects on competition in the territory of Montenegro.

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The event was planned by LGBT Forum Progress and local NGO Hyperion to mark the 70thanniversary of the end of World War II, known in the country as the Day of Victory over Fascism. LGBT organizations considered this as a failure of state authorities to protect Pride events outside of the capital, Podgorica. The second pride March organized by Queer Montenegro Turkish resident permit in November 2014 was attended by around 160 people and was protected by 1,800 police officers who did a very professional job, something the organizers applauded in their speeches. On November 2012 Deputy Prime Minister of the country Dusko Markovic, stated that the government will prepare a bill giving some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples.

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“In connection with this event, she is solely charged with delivering a report late,” Spahovic said. Hrkalovic, 34, left her position as an Interior Ministry state secretary in 2019 under unclear circumstances. She was arrested on Friday on suspicion of trading in influence and will remain in custody for 30 days. During the Albanian revolt of 1911 on 23 June Albanian tribesmen and other revolutionaries gathered in Montenegro and drafted the Greçë Memorandum demanding Albanian sociopolitical and linguistic rights with three of the signatories being from Kelmendi.

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Additionally, data controllers are required to establish internal rules regarding their personal data processing and protection of same . Data controllers should also determine which employees have access to the processed data , as well as the types of data which may be disclosed to other users . Finally, if the processing is performed electronically, a data controller is required to ensure that certain information on the use and recipients law firm of the respective data, is automatically kept in the information system. The DP Law requires that both data controllers and processors undertake technical, personnel and organizational measures for the protection of personal data against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration, publication and misuse. Further, individuals who process personal data are required to keep the processed personal data confidential.

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The popular festival among countries of the Former Yugoslavia was held with success and no incidents were reported. Research conducted by Juventas in 2013 with 1,599 secondary school students found out that 44.2% of respondents would not accept a friend from class if they found out that he/she was LGBT. They showed even lower acceptance for members of their own family (54%). What was worrying about the study was that students thought that people who are in contact with LGBT persons can become LGBT themselves. According to the 2015 survey by NDI, LGBTI people in Montenegro believe that the main area where they are exposed to discrimination is employment (37%). In 2014 Montenegro established a protocol for legal gender recognition and several individuals have already started the procedure.

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However, the tax representative shall be nominated and liable for VAT if the taxpayer does not have its residence or seat in Montenegro. If a tax representative is not appointed, the payment of VAT shall be the buyer’s responsibility. The tax authorities must be notified of a sale and purchase agreement within 15 days of its signing, whereas the tax must be paid within 15 days from the day the respective decision is delivered by the tax authorities. Thus, any work permit turkey natural or legal person may obtain all relevant information on the respective real estate (i.e. ownership title, encumbrances, etc.). 4.5 Where there are both unregistered and registered land or rights is there a probationary period following first registration or are there perhaps different classes or qualities of title on first registration? First registration means the occasion upon which unregistered land or rights are first registered in the registries.

Mediators are increasingly using different forms of technology and online dispute resolution , which allow parties to negotiate remotely and continue to resolve lawsuits and disputes even in an age of canceled hearings, postponed trials, and social distancing. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. Suspecting Wall’s involvement in both homicides, detectives served search warrants at Wall’s business and home in the summer of 2017.

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