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Steven Hernandez does not expect his clients to plead guilty to an offense they did not commit. He is prepared to mount a strong defense to beat a DWI charge and secure your freedom. There is no substitute for experience and training, which is why hundreds of clients have turned to The Hernandez Law Firm for help with their DWI cases. If you are facing DWI charges, take the first step towards protecting your rights by contacting The Hernandez Law Firm as soon as possible.

Salka Law LLC will aggressively and efficiently represent their interests. Fill out the form below to receive a free confidential consultation. The New Jersey Lemon Law permits the manufacturer, through it’s authorized dealer a reasonable number of attempts, during the lemon law period, to repair a nonconformity. Adam Drexler Esq., graduated from Cornell University in 2000 with a B.S.

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In complicated cases, the knowledge, skill and experience of a partner are often paired with the collaboration of an associate attorney to ensure that the matter is handled in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our bicycle accident lawyer will prove liability law firm on the part of the motor vehicle driver and document all of your injuries to obtain the highest amount of monetary compensation for you to protect your future. Damages can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even wrongful death.

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Large firms often assign junior lawyers to matters, and small firms, which give clients personal attention, do not always have the skills that clients need. At Chipperson Law Group, P.C., we provide the best of both small and large firms. We offer you the experience and specialized skill you find at large firms as well as the responsive, cost-effective and client-focused approach that only a boutique firm can deliver. We are a Hackensack, New Jersey & New York law firm focused on helping in the areas of elder law, family law, and estate planning. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals will work with you to make sure that you and your family receive the protection that you need by utilizing creative strategies the are custom tailored to your unique needs. Since we opened our doors in 1928, the personal injury attorneys at Spevack Law Firm in New Jersey have offered knowledgeable legal guidance in a wide array of practice areas.

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Political contributions from public contractors fell off a cliff in New Jersey during the pandemic. With most fundraising events canceled, the engineering firms, law offices and lobbying shops that usually stuff campaign coffers cut back their giving by around 20 percent. ELEC filings are amended all the time and, even had Turkish staying permit DeCotiis been the subject of a complaint, the worst the firm would have faced is a nominal fine. What’s just as important is that DeCotiis — a political powerhouse in New Jersey with deep ties to state and local officials — is backing away from the type of direct giving that allows for public visibility of its reach.

Jersey law firm

We provide strong multi-level interpersonal relationships that generate confidence and trust with clients. Being goal oriented, our law firm strives to achieve the best result possible when counseling our clients through difficult and complex matters. Einhorn Barbarito isn’t your typical law firm because we aren’t your typical lawyers. Our attorneys leverage their experience in areas of concentration with insight, creativity and an understanding of human emotion. We know that the first impulse isn’t necessarily the best resolution in the long run.

Congratulations to Kristyl Berckes for being a NJBIZ Forty Under 40 Honoree! The whole family watched the virtual event celebration and more celebration with cake at the office. The plaintiff, a 48 year-old mechanic, was exposed to chemicals on a forklift while working at the premises of the defendant Troy Chemical Corporation.

Astonishingly, 2.3 million seniors are estimated to become victims of nursing home abuse. Common examples of nursing home abuse include bed sores, falls, medication errors, abuse, and even death. Although, after much time, expense and aggravation, the policyholders in these two cases eventually succeeded in obtaining recovery, the basic lessons here are clear. First, the key is to prevent these losses from happening in the first place. Do your employees know how to recognize a potentially fraudulent transaction? And second, although you may succeed in establishing coverage for cyber-losses under your basic business-owners’ policy, you’d be wise to explore stand-alone cyber-liability coverage with your broker or insurance advisor.

New Jersey Consumer Protection Law And Consumer Fraud

At Barker, Gelfand, James & Sarvas, P.C., we are an accomplished law firm handling various types of civil and criminal litigation and administrative matters throughout Southern New Jersey. With offices in Linwood, Pitman and Marlton, our firm has a detailed understanding of the region’s legal landscape. Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined legal experience aggressively pursuing justice for individuals, businesses turkish citizenship and municipalities inside and outside the courtroom. To support injury claims in dog bite cases, we make sure that we provide strong narrative medical reports that accurately set forth the diagnosis, cause of the injuries and the permanency of said injuries. In addition, we will often obtain the services of a professional photographer to accurately depict the permanency and scope of said injuries including scars.

  • When multiple individuals or businesses exercise authority over a worker, the “joint employer” rule states that each employer could be liable for wage and hour claims and other employment law violations.
  • Her hands-on approach to each case with her team of experienced paralegals creates a strong offense, used daily to deal with insurers who are most interested in denying claims, rather than paying claims.
  • She attended The College of New Jersey for undergraduate studies, where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • Finding the right family law attorney is the first step to overcoming marital and parenting disputes among other domestic challenges.
  • It is also the reason we aspire to be the best personal injury firm in the country.
  • Through this technology, along with our in-depth knowledge and experience, we help our clients navigate the ever-changing legal landscape.

Dividing assets upon divorce can be difficult for both parties—especially if the relationship isn’t amicable. Our lawyers can help you explore alternative dispute resolution options that can work for you. These options allow you to maintain a greater degree of control over the process, so you’re not left wondering whether to appeal a judge’s order that works against you. Michael was born and raised in a suburban community in Essex County New Jersey. Michael attend Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey where he double majored in History and Philosophy.

The new operation is suddenly “insured.” Or, a subcontractor has a very basic policy that doesn’t include contractually required provisions, like primary and noncontributory language, or a necessary “additional insured” endorsement. Once again, through the miracle of technology, he or she is able to make a few “amendments” to an old certificate and send it over. By the way, lead trial counsel for Wakefern was Sheri Pastor at McCarter & English, a top-notch insurance coverage litigator who did her usual great work. The Court also found that there was no coverage for damages associated with Conte’s failed inspection, such as loss of goodwill and profits. Damages resulting from property damage should be covered by insurance.

With the addition of John Hartmann, III in 1978, the family law department of Pellettieri and Rabstein was born. John carried on his practice from P&R’s new Princeton satellite office at 199 Nassau Street. We’re also Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys—a designation given by the New Jersey Supreme Court to reflect our expertise in family law matters. To learn more about how we can put our decades of practical legal experience to work for you, call to schedule a consultation today. That means we have the in-depth experience handling these complex issues that you need. We provide the highest-quality legal guidance, while treating you with the compassion, respect, and empathy you deserve.

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