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Europe’s 6th-least evangelical country is also one of its newer nations. Having achieved independence from Serbia in 2006 through a tightly contested referendum, Montenegro is now seeking autocephaly—spiritual independence—for its local Orthodox church, viewed as a schism by the Serbian Orthodox. An audit of the Djukanovic family bank by Price Waterhouse Coopers has revealed one of the many mechanisms by which corruption in Montenegro operated.

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Montenegro has a unique history with respect to the State and the Serbian Orthodox Church prior to 1918, which the law ignores. For much of the time prior to 1918 to which the law applies, Montenegro was a host to many different states, such as Duklja , was part of the Serbian medieval state, and was even a theocratic state ruled by the Prince-Bishops. This means that the law cannot provide that the properties owned by “Montenegro” at any point prior to 1918 now belong to the state since, work permit turkey under the 1905 Montenegrin Constitution, the church is already recognized as the owner thereof. If applied as it is now, it would seriously damage the Serbian Orthodox Church, Montenegro’s predominate religion. This new law leads to the unconstitutional expropriation and confiscation of vast majority, if not all, of the Church’s property and land in violation of its constitutionally protected rights, without any procedure, and without a constitutionally guaranteed right to an appeal.

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The single corporate income tax rate is 9% and is not levied on the cash flow of the bookmaker. Application requirements related to directors, owners, or senior management are very small and are limited only to casinos. It is required that authorized representatives of the casino are not convicted of economic crimes. In addition, there must be evidence that the staff is properly trained to work in the casino.

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To print this article, all you need is to be registered or login on The Law on Accounting No. 052 of 2016 requires that all legal entities prepare financial statements in accordance with IAS/IFRS as issued by the IASB and translated and published by the designated competent authority, the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro. The second IFAC member organization in the jurisdiction, the Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Montenegro , which unites other accountants on a voluntary basis, reports that the mechanisms it established for the I&D of its members are partially in line with SMO 6 requirements.

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The Agency signed memorandums of understanding and cooperation in the area of protection of competition (“Memorandums”) with the competition authorities of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. The backdrop of signing the Memorandums is to come closer to European standards in competition law and policy, and to improve regional cooperation in this field. Furthermore, the Agency signed the Sofia Statement during the first Sofia Competition Forum meeting in 2012, expressing its willingness to deepen and strengthen the regional cooperation and maintain regular contact in the framework of the initiative. The time limit for appeals to the Administrative Court of Montenegro is 30 days from the date of receipt of a decision. Neither the Competition Act nor any bylaws regulate the issue of ancillary restraints. To the best of our knowledge, the Agency has not dealt with the issue of ancillary restraints in its case law.

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Whittier police and Sheriff’s Department detectives found out that Mendez worked for Wall’s business and two years earlier had sued his boss, alleging Wall failed to pay employees overtime and did not allow them to take breaks. As investigators searched for a motive, suspicions focused on whether anyone involved in Tidus’ legal battles had sought revenge. An accomplished litigator, Tidus’ firm, Baute & Tidus, had high-end clients that included major banks, savings and loans, mortgage firms and automakers.

There are compulsory background checks payable to the Government preferred due diligence agency that will use Interpol, World-Check and other Government agencies to screen applicants based on their application. At the outset, both parents agreed that the triggering event for the hearing was Gregory’s impending enrollment in kindergarten and the need to choose his school. They also agreed that the current custody arrangement would no longer be appropriate once Gregory began kindergarten, because his new daily schedule would necessitate that he spend the majority of his time with one parent. Despite the September 30, 1996 order, several disputes concerning custody and visitation arose, which resulted in additional mediation and in orders that were, on their face, temporary. One of these temporary orders referred Montenegro and Diaz “to Dr. Bradbury for co-parenting class.”

In late 2006 the EU and Montenegro entered into a Stabilization and Association Agreement, representing Montenegrin progress on the path to EU membership ahead of Serbia. Mr Vucic and his government tend to use much more fiery rhetoric over Serb issues in Kosovo, and his mild tone prompted opponents to stage a protest in Belgrade’s parliament last Friday, triggering brief scuffles there between deputies. “I express my concern and hope that Serbian holy sites will be preserved and we will . As a Montenegrin citizen, shall be regarded a person that had a citizenship of Montenegro at the day of entering into force of this law. Extract from the decision on admittance into, or release from the Montenegrin citizenship shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro.

The main expenses of the company are related to taxes and deductions for wages (67% of the official rate). The registration fee equals to € 10 for the LLC and € 50 for the joint-stock company. If the director of the company is the foreign citizen, the fact of registering the company is the reason for issuing the work permit. It is necessary to indicate the legal address of the company and the type of its main activity.

The state has a special Gambling Law that regulates the rights and obligations of gambling establishments. All procedure which commenced in accordance with the Previous Law will end according to the same law. The New Law brings changes concerning the penalty provisions, in relation to the maximum amount of the pecuniary fine for the offences prescribed by the law. Therefore, now the maximum amounts of pecuniary fees are EUR 10,000 for the company, and EUR 2,000 for the responsible person in the company.

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In October, Zdravko Krivokapic, the country’s new prime minister, told Euronews that Montenegro’s future was in Europe, and that his government would strengthen its relationship with NATO. Ever since a coalition of opposition parties narrowly won national elections on August 30, ousting the Democratic Party of Socialists after three decades in power, Montenegro’s new government has been described as pro-Serb and pro-Moscow. To be considered eligible to be placed on the domestic market, the device must comply with all safety and technical requirements implemented in Montenegro, and also with the corresponding harmonized European or international standards. Conformity assessment procedures are intended to determine whether the device complies with the aforementioned requirements and should be performed by the appropriate designated body, which is also responsible for the technical evaluation of the final products. The exact scope of examination procedure that the device should be subject to depends on the particular class of the device in accordance with the risk-based classification. Notified bodies should perform the classification of medical devices of all types and classes except Class I (low-risk) and in vitro diagnostics medical devices that should be properly classified by the manufacturer.

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External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. These laws also provide the government with the authority turkish citizenship to implement temporary measures to regulate trade. In almost all cases the government has phased-out quantitative restrictions although certain goods require a license from the government.

Encourages his client to initiate criminal prosecution or he himself initiates prosecution, except if it is necessary to provide the interest of client, due to impolite statements given by opposing party about him or his client due to excitement caused during the hearing. Attorney-at-law should assume that the opposing party acts with the equal sense of justice and equal belief in rights as its client. The Bar Association is the center of protection of legal profession and realization of status rights of attorneys-at-law. Attorney-at-law is authorized and obliged to use the seal of his law office only for his own legal activity.

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Now, the current authorities want the Christian Orthodox of Montenegro to separate from the Serbian Orthodox Church and are supporting the establishment of a national Church. To this end, through this law, the government is organising the weakening of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and the transfer of its proprieties to a “Montenegrin Orthodox Church”. The later church was funded formally in 2001 and is headed by a former priest excommunicated in 1997, who became later a schismatic “bishop”.

Only a minor 8% would accept them unconditionally and 12% would accept them on the condition that no one else finds out except for family. This finding also suggests that a majority of Montenegrin people have prejudices towards homosexuality as being a disease and as such it needs some type of cure. The main public institution responsible for the protection and advancement of LGBTI rights in Montenegro is the Office of the Ombudsman. Reports from NGO’s say that lack of progress on the part of the Ombudsman’s office in cases related to homophobia and transphobia remain particularly concerning. The Central Registry of the Commercial Court, the Central Depository Agency and the state authority competent for the registration of immovable property shall be obliged to submit data under Article 27 of this Law no later than 90 days from the date of enactment of this Law. The Agency shall be obliged to establish a record of foreign investments within 120 days from the date of enactment of this law.

The agreement must recite the parties (i.e. seller and purchaser), the real estate, the purchase price and the consent to registration . The agreement must be made in writing, and the parties’ signatures must be authenticated by a competent court/notary. The general principle prior in tempore potior in iure is applicable to registration of rights in real estate.

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However, registration may be appealed to a higher administrative authority within 8 days of delivery of the decision on registration. In cases where an appeal is dismissed or an appeal is not applicable, registration may be challenged before the court within 30 days of delivery of the decision on registration. The general rule under Montenegrin law provided in the State Land Survey and Land Registry Act prescribes that all rights in rem, e.g. ownership , rights of lease, rights of use, servitudes, mortgages, etc. must be registered in order to be effective vis-a-vis third parties.

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