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The satisfaction index is quite high for us, we were able to cover most companies and we saw that the exhibition was focused on quality over quantity. The quality of exhibitors is extremely high and the entire exhibition profile is very professional. The Turkish industry Turkish work permit and its quality has risen to high European standards. The visitor profile is very impressive, at my hotel alone there are professionals from 25 countries attending. My visit to BEAUTYISTANBUL was very productive and I hope to be here once again for 2021.

Over the course of just over two years, this group, called the CAHVIO , developed a draft text. During the later stage of drafting of the convention, UK, Italy, Russia, and the Holy See proposed several amendments to limit the requirements provided by the convention. The final draft of the convention was produced in December 2010. National reports, studies and surveys revealed the magnitude of the problem in Europe. The campaign in particular showed a large variation in Europe of national responses to violence against women and domestic violence. Thus the need for harmonized legal standards to ensure that victims benefit from the same level of protection everywhere in Europe became apparent.

The Best Boutique Hotels On Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, Including Riviera Views And Characterful Interiors

And in Cappadocia, enjoy two days of exploring this region’s otherworldly nature, man-made caves and Derinkuyu Underground City as well as UNESCO-listed Göreme Open-Air Museum. This tour includes accommodation in Ottoman-style hotels for four nights in addition to airport transfers and select meals. This small-group tour is limited to 12 people to ensure a quality experience. Istanbul has been the capital city of four empires – Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.


The membership of the council was expanded from 27 to 41, and that of the Executive Committee to 17. Together they comprised the Senate which also comprised the members of the Vakifs and their leaders, the heads of the communities of Izmir, Ankara, Adana, Bursa, etc. – all in all about 150 members. This body, which is not recognized by the government, meets once every half-year to receive a report. The council elects its president as well as the president of the Executive Committee and the president of the Senate. Since the establishment in 1892 of B’nai B’rith in Turkey, its leaders and their descendants have been active in community life and have been the cultural and intellectual elite of the Istanbul community.

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The economic and cultural decline of the Jewish community of Istanbul began during the 17th century, together with a general decline of the Ottoman Empire. The great fires which devastated a number of quarters during the 17th century induced the Ottomans to transfer the Jews especially to Hasköy, causing changes in the structure of the kehalim. The ancient organization according to origin and synagogue fell into disuse and many Jews joined synagogues near their new residence even if they belonged to another kahal. This process was essentially responsible for the fusion of the Romaniots with the Sephardim. From this time onward each individual identified himself according to the quarter or neighborhood he lived in.


The Haghia Sophia, today a museum, was one of the largest churches of its time. As the city grew, its nearly impenetrable protective walls were built further out. In a traditional sense, Istanbul is not a city of neighborhoods. With nearly 3,000 years of continuous habitation, the only constant has been people’s desire to live there. Wars, invasions, occupations, and the systematic destruction of the city, as well as plagues, devastating earthquakes, and fires, have forced residents to rebuild Istanbul many times over. Somehow, through all the remarkable changes, the remains of ancient buildings and monuments still stand today.

The exclusive 5-star Divan Istanbul is situated in the very heart of Istanbul in 20 minutes’ walking distance from the cobblestone Istiklal Street. This hotel features entertainment activities, a bar and a garden as well as Wi Fi throughout the property. This accommodation is 22 miles from the center of Istanbul and 22 minutes by car from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International airport.


At the hotel reception, along with other services, you can find an exchange office that offers the services of buying and selling world currencies. Being the only water route between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, the Bosporus has been the site of significant settlement and cities for a long time. In particular, the Golden Horn, an estuary that joins Bosphorus Strait at the immediate point where the strait meets the Sea of Marmara, and forms a large, sheltered harbour.

With estimates ranging from 2 to 4 million, Kurds form one of the largest ethnic minorities in Istanbul and are the biggest group after Turks among Turkish citizens. According to a 2019 KONDA study, Kurds constituted around 17% of Istanbul’s adult total population who were Turkish citizens. Although the Kurdish presence in the city dates back to the early Ottoman period, the majority of Kurds in the city originate from villages in eastern and southeastern Turkey. Zazas are also present in the city and constitute less than 1% of the total voting-age population. With the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Province having equivalent jurisdictions, few responsibilities remain for the provincial government. Similar to the MMI, the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration has a governor, a democratically elected decision-making body—the Provincial Parliament—and an appointed Executive Committee.

Some women do cover up and dress modestly, some women wear short skirts and show their shoulders. It’s about how comfortable you feel, as much as it is dependent on where you are. Keeping an eye on how locals are dressing is a good gauge of what’s ok and what isn’t. You’ll never get too lost, you’ll get to keep up to date with people at home, and they’ll know where you are too. Plus it will help you get rid of people, get around, just open up the city to you – if only a little bit.

takes the 13th position with one part of the city lying in Europe and the other part in Asia. Cover Istanbul’s top sights in just a few hours during this private, half-day guided tour, designed as a layover excursion for airline passengers. Enjoy hassle-free, front-door pickup from your airport terminal, and travel comfortably around the city in your own chauffeured, climate-controlled transportation. Highlights include stops at the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and whatever other destinations you select. Taste 10 of Istanbul’s top culinary treats on this half-day private food tour.


Turkish economy has collapsed thanks to Erdogan and his corrupt regime. Turkish lira surpassed Argentine Peso and became the most depreciated currency against dollar in the whole world in 2021. And I think Turkey will not be able to recover from this for years.

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This moderates temperature swings and produces a mild temperate climate with low diurnal temperature variation. Consequently, ‘s temperatures almost always oscillate between −5 °C (23 °F) and 32 °C (90 °F), and most of the city does not experience temperatures above 30 °C (86 °F) for more than 14 days a year. Another effect of Istanbul’s maritime position is its persistently high dew points, near-saturation morning humidity, and frequent fog, which also limits Istanbul’s sunshine hours to levels closer to Western Europe. The Ottoman Empire joined World War I (1914–1918) on the side of the Central Powers and was ultimately defeated. The deportation of Armenian intellectuals on 24 April 1915 was among the major events which marked the start of the Armenian genocide during WWI.

We offer villas with sea view and forest view in the favorite locations of law firm turkey. These luxurious houses in Istanbul have all the necessary features to experience comfort and privileges. Apartments in Istanbul are mostly preferred by tourists who visit the city often and investors, among the foreign buyers. Investment properties are either sold after the purchase with good profits or rented by the people of the city such as a university student, an officer, or a teacher.

  • Just remember the Rums, Greeks, Armenians, all other minorities, they all loved and fed cats along with us.
  • In its wake, Justinian embarked on an ambitious program of new building.
  • The present palace grew over the centuries as a series of additions enfolding four courtyards and blending neoclassical, rococo, and baroque architectural forms.
  • Whether your journey is for business or pleasure, avoid long queues, waiting around, delays or any other surprises.
  • People are biased even if they think they are not .Yes, I know you have many galaries about Istanbul, its museum etc. but I was talking about the way you depicted those run down buildings and poor looking people on the streets.

Also, You will have a memorable experience the lunar landscape of Cappadocia with its unusual rock formations on hot air balloon ride. The trip package is including round-trip flight tickets , hot air balloon ride, one night accommodation at cave hotel, Camel safari, full-day guided tour to northern Cappadocia, and airport transfers. Discover two of Turkey’s top destinations on this two-day on this convenient 4-night tour. Hotel lodging and internal flights are included to ensure a smooth and happy trip.

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