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In a claim before the Supreme Court against former employees of Rolling Stock Greece SA , dealing in principle with the interpretation of the Greek legislation on transfer of business. Providing continuous advice to Aquila Hotels regarding its seasonal employees as per the recent Covid-19 related labour legislation. Advised the Greek branch of a foreign bank on drafting bilingual templates of employment for its employees and executives. Represented Greek shipping company Major Coasting in more than 50 cases before the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal regarding overtime, wrongful dismissals and accidents during work time.

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In September 2015, the NCRTV imposed a fine on Skai TV for broadcasting two shows relating to, among others, gay and lesbian sex. The channel responded by turning to the Council of State, which, however, declined the former’s request to cancel the fine by adding that the shows “did not have the appropriate level required by the social mission of television”. In June 2013, the NCRTV rejected the request of the 2013 Athens LGBT pride organisers to air the event’s TV spot free of charge in all of the major Greek TV channels as it was not deemed a public service message.

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Most of them are already in a weakened and vulnerable physical state due to their terrible living conditions, and in addition they have very limited access to even basic healthcare. Leaving people trapped in these unsanitary and unsafe conditions is not just a violation of human rights, it also opens up the possibility of a devastating health crisis if COVID-19 reaches these camps. Prospective adoptive parents must obtain a “revenue stamp” before a child is released by a local institution.

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In Thessaloniki a group of anarchists briefly occupied a radio station and a theater before disrupting and threw cakes and candy at Mayor Vassilis Papageorgopoulos and one of his deputies during an open-air charity event near the theater. Later, a group emerged from the same theater and attacked a Nativity scene, throwing away Christ’s figure. On Friday, 12 December 2008 students attacked police outside the parliament building. The protests inspired small protests in some European cities, sowing fears of copycat riots elsewhere.

Lgbt Rights In Greece

Greek tax residents are liable to Greek income tax for their worldwide income. Furthermore, Greek tax residence is also relevant for gift and inheritance tax liability. Under the new law, a court may curtail the right to custody if a parent is “in breach of their duty to care” for a child or “if they are abusive or unable to comply” with custodial responsibilities.

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Our detailed guide covers everything from accommodation and living costs to culture and entertainment. The ancient Platonic school at Akademia in Athens was one of the first and most significant institutions of higher learning in the world. Modern higher education in Greece draws staying permit turkey on this classical heritage, making it a unique and striking option for international PhD study. In 2015, the country proposed a tax amnesty deal for its tax evaders who have hoarded cash in Swiss bank accounts, in a bid to bring much-needed revenue to the debt-laden country.

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The employee can claim half pay for the first three days of sickness and full pay for 15 days for the first year in employment or 30 days for any year thereafter, less the amount which the employee received from his social security provider. Given to both parents under a private law job contract It is an individual right of each parent and cannot be transferred to another person. Arbitration is conducted by an independent person or by a three-member Arbitrators’ Committee.

Thus, those who arrive in Greece and apply for asylum, will see their application rejected in a short time, even in one to two days, since the country in which they should have sought asylum is Turkey. Under the new law, Greek civil courts have priority in all cases, and recourse to Sharia law in cases of inheritance, divorce or marriage can only occur if all concerned agree. But further court decisions ruled that inheritance issues within the Muslim minority had to be dealt with under Islamic religious law, and the will was deemed invalid. “What we heard were stories of existential drama, of very vulnerable people being forced to live in the dark. It reminded me of the ridiculous divorce laws that existed in this country where you literally had to find your spouse in bed with someone else to legally split,” he said.

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Not surprisingly the majority of refugees do not manage to register and give up seeking official status. Without papers they risk being arrested in mass sweep operations and spending up to a resident permit turkey year or more in overcrowded, unhygienic detention facilities. “This risk has increased since August 2012, when police sweep operations on irregular migrants intensified,” the report says.

At the same time protesters of a separate rally also in Larissa destroyed bank cameras and wrote slogans on walls, churches and supermarkets. On Friday, 16 January some of the lawyers arrested on Friday’s demonstration in Athens, filed suits against police officers accusing them for breach of duty, attempted bodily harm and unnecessarily exposing of people to tear gas. Protests were carried on Thursday, law firm istanbul 15 January, policemen labor unionists also took part in the demonstrations “to condemn the violent phenomena, from wherever they come, and to state categorically that social problems are not solved by repressive measures”. Veteran politician Manolis Glezos who took part in the protest, attributed police violence to the obedience of police forces to the executive power and not the judiciary.

This panchayat experiment failed due to a combination of apathy, repression, and internal opposition. Karatzas & Partners’ market-leading corporate, M&A, and banking and finance expertise makes it an ideal choice to handle the full suite of corporate and debt restructuring matters. Vassiliki Salaka heads the department, which recently advised B2Holding as a participant bidder in the sale and transfer by Alpha Bank of an approximately €2.5bn portfolio of sub-performing, non-performing consumer and small business loans. In addition, the group was engaged by Eurobank in relation to an NPL reduction acceleration plan dubbed Project Cairo. OIKONOMAKIS CHRISTOS GLOBAL LAW FIRM is always committed to inform and foster a high sense of responsibility, the awareness and the volunteer spirit in its Associates in order to increase the number of Voluntary Bone Marrow Donors.

The lawyer carries out the Land Register searches, draws up the contract and also preliminarily signs the contract of sale. Statutory contributions must be paid to the local branch of the Law Society for the lawyer’s assistance with the notarised contract of sale. According to the Greek Civil Code change of title is effected upon registration with the Land Registry having jurisdiction for the real estate. Payment of the sale price or the residual sale price takes place at the same time as the notary’s record is drawn up and is established in the notarised record. If one wishes to purchase real estate in Greece, the purchase of such is governed by the Astikos Kodikas which, is comparable to the German Civil Code . A notarized contract of sale and entry in the Ipothikofilakio or Ktimatologio is also required for the successful completion of the purchase.

Practical reason is the domain of ethics and politics, the uniquely human domain. Yet the political life is not necessarily the best life, compared with that devoted to the divinely shared human capacity for theoretical reason and philosophical thinking (compare Nicomachean Ethics I with X.7–9). The Statesman also raises an important question about the nature and value of rule by law, as opposed to rule by such expert knowledge as embodied in a rare and likely singular individual.

This document covers highlights of the agreement and explains how it may help you while you work and when you apply for benefits. The assembly would decide law firm turkey on new laws and important decisions, like whether or not to go to war. Sometimes they were ruled by Tyrants and, at other times, they were a democracy.

Some states recognize the right through statute and some others through common law. California has both statutory and common-law strains of authority protecting slightly different forms of the right. The right of publicity shares characteristics of a property right and as such is transferable to the person’s heirs after their death. The Celebrities Rights Act was passed in California in 1985 and it extended the personality rights for a celebrity to 70 years after their death. Previously, the 1979 Lugosi v. Universal Pictures decision by the California Supreme Court held that Bela Lugosi’s personality rights could not pass to his heirs.

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