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We assist and guide our clients in investigating and securing building sites as well as verifying zoning, environmental and other requirements, along with building permits. Our team includes experts in the field of public procurement, and we have extensive experience in representing employers and contractors. Real estate issues are immensely diverse, ranging from property registration arrangements to advice on complex real estate development projects. Such matters require a profound understanding of limits that are imposed by local laws and regulations, as well as considerable know-how in dealing with state authorities and municipalities. We also focus on processes related to climate change, including transfer to renewables, curbing carbon emissions, navigating subsidy schemes and complying with ever-increasing regulation.

Latvia law firm

“True professionals who have the ability to translate complex legal issues into easily understandable terms.” Eglitis Law Office, Riga Latvia – Copyright 2019 with all rights reserved| Please read the important notice regarding your privacy at this site. Drafting of different agreements, child support, custody service, marriage and divorce dispute solutions. Commercial law provides establishment and reorganization of companies, sale of companies and shares thereof etc. “We are pleased that the state authorities listen to their entrepreneurs, delve into the submitted evidence and cooperate to achieve a positive result,” says attorney at law Jānis Loze.

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Great news, Ieva, your team has been AMAZING, I am so grateful that you stood / stand beside us, we could not have done it without Ellex. We can all be extremely proud of this true Curve style accomplishment. Ellex, legal excellence – actually everything is said with these three words.

Latvia law firm

They come equipped with tools to manage tasks such as trust accounting, safe custody, conflict checks and risk management, which themselves provide a useful basis for best-practice procedures. Give your law firm the best chance to follow regulatory compliance by making your systems easy to follow and not unduly demanding or time consuming. Maintain a level of flexibility where possible and allow staff to make suggestions on how you can improve procedures to achieve best practice in a way that not only meets regulations, but is convenient for them. As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group provides clients with attorneys who have the same or even greater experience than the attorneys assigned to your matter at a large law firm.

One Of The Main Lithuanian Retailers Sanctioned For Unfair Commercial Practices Aimed At Suppliers

You will also develop strategies for overcoming social blind spots in order to mitigate the risk of ineffective communication in cross-cultural settings. Finally, you will discover the ways you can adapt your Social Style® without compromising your core values for effective communication. By the end of this course, you will have gathered the tools needed to communicate appropriately and effectively in a cross-cultural environment.

A skilled attorney could review your injury and conduct any necessary investigations to see if you could collect damages. In the process, they could also advise you of your legal options Turkish staying permit and even file a lawsuit on your behalf to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation and see what could be done in your case.

Due to the international dimension of our clients and the work that we undertake, we have established networks of contacts with first rate law firms in over 105 countries in order to support our clients’ international requirements. Our relationships with like-minded lawyers in other countries allow us to seek advice for our Turkish resident permit clients from virtually anywhere. At our law firm, we believe that we should focus on one thing and do it really well. That’s why, unlike other full-service immigration law firms, we focus specifically on business immigration. We have practiced this area of immigration law repeatedly and developed expertise in this area.

Latvia law firm

As a smaller law firm, Rosenthal Law Group can solve your problem more efficiently – there is virtually no legal problem that requires ten, five or even three lawyers to solve. Dedicated to knowledge and continuous update, we examine the latest legal developments to support our clients, associates and business partners. The Herbert Smith Freehills team was led by the firm’s global head of energy Lewis McDonald and corporate senior associate Eliza Eaton, both based in London, supported by Latvian local counsel Sorainen.

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His in-depth knowledge and direct approach to find solutions is apparent. Calling Mr. Caputo and his business a “fake” can be only a big bad joke or worst an attempt to deliberately damage his reputation. I know Mr. Caputo for many years, being his client with all my companies, and I can assure you he is an honorable Attorney at Law, working extremely hard to help his clients in many difficult situations. Never overcharging for his services, always available for his clients. You Nils and others out there who trying to discredit Mr. Capito’s perfect standing in the market, will one day pray to have somebody like him on your side when you get in trouble with banks and other unforeseeable life situations.

Download the latest or historic rankings here, or read more about the fullbenchmark report. In addition to Apple and Pfizer, the firm’s clients include dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies, such as Marriott International, Boeing, British Airways, Allianz Insurance, Johnson & Johnson and Mercedes Benz. Learn how you can eliminate the third-party vulnerabilities that threaten the security of your network and data with SecureLink.

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The suspension of the licence does not provide a refund of the State fee paid to the capital company. With Equisphere, you design your bespoke international legal team – with the best lawyers in the jurisdictions that match your unique footprint, tailored to your most significant legal challenges. Non-EU investors will be issued TRP `temporary residence permit` with renewal every or two years. The TRP residence permit issued is a biometric card allows visa free travel to all 26 Schengen countries including Switzerland, Germany, France etc. Latvia is a baltic schengen member country which joined the European Union in 2004 and the currency in Latvia is Euro. Latvia has the oldest and longest running golden visa or residence by investment schemes in Europe for wealthy HNW families.

Latvia law firm

Avi Bitton law firm works on a regular basis in co-operation with foreign law firms, particularly in United Kingdom,Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine andLatvia. We work closely, with IP professionals and full service law firms in over 105 countries, allowing us to efficiently source the right international services for you. This paper explores topics that law firms should consider to appropriately govern the use of Microsoft Office 365 Teams®. It is intended to provide an initial overview of Teams and provide guidance around the Information Governance concerns when adopting Teams at a law firm. The REvil gang also claims to have data from the law firm related to President Donald Trump, although he’s never been a client of Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks either as a real estate developer or president.


We streamline legal and regulatory research, analysis, and workflows to drive value to organizations, ensuring more transparent, just and safe societies. For instance, being able to easily record billable time is likely a goal for all law firms. But you may want to generate invoices or export billing information as well. Selecting a system with all of the functionalities you want and need requires good planning. If your law practice management solution has a shortcoming or an overly complex feature, understand this before you purchase.

Latvia law firm

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