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Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

Receiving The Certificate Of Conformity And The Investor Resident Documents

These factors make foreigners feel right at home, thus consider immigration to Turkey as an option to take. You need to present certified copies of your residence permit, Citizenship Application form, and certification that you’re divorced, single, married, or widowed. Ten biometric photos of all applicants and Birth Certificates should be presented.

Secondly, knowing the process as well as the steps you need to take will provide control if you want to get a strong passport. • Children or spouse of the applicant can acquire citizenship together with the applicant at the same time. The children of the applicant below the age of 18 and his spouse will be granted citizenship.

The Papers Required To Reside In Turkey Before Granting Citizenship To Investors

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of population. More than 20 million people live in Istanbul and there are 5,4 million properties in Istanbul. Although Istanbul’s real estate market is one of the most popular and profitable ones, it is also important to buy the right property in Istanbul to have a solid investment. In this website, we prepared different articles and listed the best projects for you in order you to be more accurate when you buy apartment in Istanbul.

  • Our team of immigration consultants will guide you with entire process of visa application.
  • Investors of this program enjoy the freedom to live, work, and enjoy easy travel to the Schengen zone; by investing in real estate.
  • Then, we check whether there is any lien, mortgage or other restriction registered on the property which prevents the title transfer to the client.

NOVA TURKISH CITIZENSHIP, gives legal advisory services for a real estate purchase to get the accurate and reliable sales contracts for foreigners to invest and secure. Turkey worth at least US $ 250,000 over 3 years to get citizenship and deed “unsold” You need to purchase a property with an additional note. A real estate to be purchased building can be an apartment or a plot. In case of joint purchase of land, the value of the shares must be at least US $ 250,000.

Option 2: Cash Investment With The Minimum Us $500,000

One the property has been selected our qualified immigration consultants and lawyers will take care of the application process, legal work, paper work and conveyancing without the client’s need to visit the country. Being expert immigration consultants we continuously work towards providing several options for obtaining citizenship through investment. We offer Turkish citizenship by means of investment in the country’s real estate. The minimum investment amount is the equivalent of $500,000 USD, into one or more mutual funds that primarily invest in real estate or in companies that are developing new products, services, or technology. You must sign a declaration that you won’t sell your shares for three years.

turkish citizenship by investment

Applicants can invest US$500,000 in fixed capital, acknowledged by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Applicants can purchase government bonds valued at US$500,000 and recognised by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Applicants can purchase property valued at US$250,000 and recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Successful applicants most hold that property for a minimum of three years.

For example, properties being sold by a foreign seller, and properties which have been owned for less than one year. Please speak to us to for more information on which of our properties are compliant with the current Citizenship by Investment criteria. The purchase of other types of real estate are also eligible in the scheme. Your application can cover citizenship not just for you, but also for the wife/husband, and any children under the age of 18.

We show you the best price guaranteed properties which will be convenient for citizenship program. The average period of time needed to sell a property in Istanbul and on the Mediterranean coast is 2–3 months. Trabzon Homes ® is a registered brand of Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ, which is an international overseas property company operating in several countries since 2004.

Omitting a seemingly trivial detail may cause undue delay in the citizenship application process. In the first place, applicant and their first-degree relatives who purchased property at minimum 250k USD can apply for citizenship. Must be remembered that all nationalities who is able to purchase property in Turkey may apply for Turkish citizenship by property investment. Currently, there are some restrictions for property purchase for several nations because of some political issues and international sanctions.

The original passport with a copy, in addition to the presence of the applicant in person. Birth certificate translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish consulate. Any document proving birth information can also be presented as an alternative, such as civil registration records, civil status documents, or family card. A copy of the passport, translated and certified by a notary in Turkey , must be submitted for each family member, husband, wife, and children under the age of 18 years.

Bahamas Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter the Bahamas and can spend up to 8 months there. Barbados Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Barbados. Dominica Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to visit Dominica. Dominican Republic Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. Haiti Turkish passport holders do not require a visa to enter Haiti.

turkish citizenship by investment

This caused uncertainty in the market and investor appetite decreased. The issue was corrected when the new regulation concerning the Acquisition of Real Estate and Limited Rights in Rem by Companies with Foreign Capital was put into effect in October 2010. The new regulation reduced limitations on foreign investment in real estate and caused the investor appetite to come back. This was supported by further legislation improvements over time, increasing investor confidence in Turkey.

Trem Global’s immigration consultants will assess your personal conditions and assist you in choosing the most suitable investment option. The main applicant may also add dependents to a residency application, including his/her spouse, children under 18 years old, and disabled children of any age. Foreign investors can buy real estate as residential property or as a prospective asset with the possibility of a high return on investment. Turkey has an extensive selection of comfortable residences and luxury seaside villas at appropriate costs for all budgets.

The programme offers such a possibility to apply for your spouse besides your children under 18 years old. Staying in the country for a certain period is not stated by the law. On the issue of selling a property, the real estate can be sold out after 3 years once you purchased the property. This condition is only valid for a person who applies for a Turkish passport. People aiming for an investment commercially are free for what they are willing to do with their properties. Afterwards, within the fast growing real estate market in the big and touristic cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Mugla, etc.

turkish citizenship by investment

Since 2016, the Turkish Nationality Law has amended itself, making Turkish citizenship available to foreign nationals through investment in real estate in Turkey or bank deposits. Under the new law, anyone complying with the investment guidelines can apply for Turkish citizenship and enjoy Turkish citizenship privileges. Surrounded by water on three sides, the coastline is some of the most beautiful in the world. Turkey is a melting pot of cultures where east meets west, with diverse landscapes, imposing mosques and imperial residences, a lively arts and music scene and frenzied markets drawing visitors from across the globe each year.

turkish citizenship by investment

Our law firm will also be in control in the preparation of your contract and give you every support. You want to buy or sell real estate in technical analysis are performed to determine the actual value. After candidates have picked the passing speculation alternative, a home license application are going to be created for the family’s sake.

Dominica also offers a donation option, through their Economic Diversification Fund . A family of four will donate $200,000 to the EDF, plus $12,500 in fees. Many industry players we respect consider the reputation of the Dominica CBI Program to be subpar. Dominica has been known to accept clients with less-than-pristine reputations, people whom other countries refuse to work with. Although St. Lucia is now a close second,Antigua and Barbuda’s passport is still the best value for families compared to all other options. After we include all applicable government fees, then the entire cost for a family of six should come in at around $165,000.

So for the real estate option, you are not allowed to sell the real estate to third person within 3 years following the date of purchase. Our fees for following the citizenship by investment process depends on the service level needed by the client; so contact with us in order to learn about our discounted fees and prices. The application process for a 2021 – 2022 Turkish passport is very easy and fast. Complete the necessary steps for Turkish citizenship and have the freedom of easy travel to hundreds of different routes in the world. The only thing to do is to for a Turkish passport without right now. Thanks to Turkey’s geopolitical and strategic location, you will have strong investment opportunities.

turkish citizenship by investment

Different procedures have been adopted for six different types of investment. In order to obtain the certificate of conformity for each investment type, more than one institution/organization should be contacted, and the applications should be evaluated by these institutions. Below is a list of units to contact when obtaining Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD a certificate of conformity according to investment types. In this bulletin, we explain the conditions and related procedure that a foreign investor must provide in order to acquire Turkish citizenship. Almost all countries have made special arrangements to easily grant citizenship to people who have certain qualifications.

When the Turkish CBI program was launched, you needed to employ 100 people. Besides the requirement to hold the property for a minimum of three years, that is all that there is to it. All of your properties must also be registered on the same day to be counted towards the required $250,000. If you’re looking Turkish work permit to buy multiple properties, both of which combined would make your investment $250,000 or more, they must be in the same neighborhood. As we already mentioned, not many people were interested and the buy-in was low. But since they drastically dropped the rates, Turkey’s CBI program has flourished.

turkish citizenship by investment

Well, above all else, this is by far the easiest and quickest way of becoming a Turkish citizen. As long as you complete a property purchase of $250,000 or more, you can apply to enjoy all of the benefits of Turkish citizenship. If you have the money, then becoming a Turkish citizen through real estate is the fastest way. And, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be one property for that amount, it can be several properties that total the 250,000 USD. There are a number of Turkish citizens who are forced to give up Turkish citizenship in some countries as a result of obtaining other citizenship.

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