New Rules For The Turkish Citizenship Through Investment



How To Obtain Turkish Citizenship By Investment?

Reasons You Should Make The Nigerian Investment Migration Market A Priority

In conclusion, we can say that Turkey offers fair, solid and reliable investment opportunities with many advantages that includes easy finance solutions. One of my favourites is that owning a property in Turkey for foreigners is subject to the exact same laws and regulations as given to locals. This makes the process so straight forward & easy that it can be completed within a matter of days and not weeks or months. Turkey also offers a reliable investment environment and guarantees your rights acquired by owning a property by law.

A Turkish passport holder can currently visit 68 countries visa-free and is also able to receive a visa on arrival from 38 countries. Turkey’s future accession to the European Union will facilitate travel, work and education opportunities within the European Union. Our team of immigration consultants will guide you with entire process of visa application.

Real Estate Investment With Turkey Citizenship

The approval of the competent authority is required for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship with all conditions. A recent statistic in 2021 showed that 18,000 people have obtained Turkish citizenship from the Real estate sector after this decision. There are many foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey to enjoy its great features. This aims to make the institutions of Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD public and private sectors more accessible to provide appropriate services and to secure communication between public and commercial services for all sectors. The right of having bank accounts in all Turkish and international banks in Turkey. Thus, Turkey intended to qualify the Turkish citizenship for foreigners, and the fixed amount has been reduced to $500,000 instead of $2 million.

turkish citizenship by investment

Working with a lawyer would give you the chance to make an informed decision about work permit turkey, to make a legally safe investment and to acquire Turkish citizenship in a reasonable time period without undue delay. In line with the Turkish citizenship by investment program, we provide legal services to the clients who are willing to be Turkish citizenship, by making qualified investment in Turkey. Do you think of buying a property to benefit from the Turkish citizenship program by real estate investment? You are able to benefit from the most established expert sales consultancy services in Turkey. Because we are able to find the ideal investment property for you right away. The investors who buy a property with real estate investment, and their families obtain citizenship.

Have Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkey has become a destination for global capital due to the provided advantages for maintaining and developing investments in various currencies. If you prefer to buy a property with a mortgage loan or any other installment instruments, the amount that you withdraw your bank takes into consideration after the deduction of mortgage value from the certain amount. Turkey is a major transcontinental country strategically positioned and bordered by three seas. A popular tourist destination, Turkey’s location facilitates connectivity with key markets via excellent transport links. Although Ankara is its capital, the leading global city of Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and is its main commercial and cultural center.

turkish citizenship by investment

By marrying a Turkish citizen or holding a residence permit for 5 years. There is also a fast path to getting a Turkish passport through a government decree. The process of registering an LLC, the most common business form in Turkey, usually takes about 7 days on average. Costs will vary depending on the size of the company are normally around TRY 4,000 (≈ USD 1,000). To apply for Turkish citizenship by residency it is necessary to have a residence permit for at least 5 years. Then, we outline the six types of permits contemplated in the Turkish Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458.

Because we offer the most up-to-date and extensive property portfolio for foreign investors and homebuyers all the time! We can offer you the most affordable houses for your budget and lifestyle by arranging live staying permit turkey tours. Moreover, we will be your reliable solution partner thanks to our sectoral power and bargaining capabilities in Turkey. Furthermore, you can make your purchases with our pre-sales and after-sales services.

turkish citizenship by investment

The resident permit turkey Program does not have a pre-approval system that many Caribbean citizenship programs have but also the program’s application requirements are easier and approval ratings are higher. Since 18 September 2018, Law No 5901 disposes that foreign citizens investing in Turkey will be granted the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. A child adopted by a Turkish citizen automatically becomes a Turkish citizen if under 18 years old on the date the application for adoption was made. In some cases , those who have foreign names and are applying for Turkish citizenship change their name to a Turkish name. Examples of people who have done this include football players Colin Kazim-Richards and Mehmet Aurélio. We are the leading consulting company in Turkey on Turkish Citizenship, immigration, and related matters.

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